End Citizen United’s Actions Towards Achieving Its Goals

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was founded on 1st March 2015. This organization has a goal to end Citizen United and fix the broken finance campaign system in which billionaires ‘buy’ political power through funding political candidates in various seats. It works towards bringing transparency in the political campaign system through donating campaign funds to the pro-reform candidate and campaigning towards enacting pro-reform laws in the states.

This organization is mainly funded by grassroots donors who share the same interest, to bring a democratic election and a transparent campaign system. It also works to protect political candidates under attack by the corporate social interests and billionaire donors such as the Koch Brothers.

End Citizen United hoped to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision and by August 2015, 325,000 people had signed the petition demanding the pass of such a legislation. More people were expected to sign the petition as the organization joined with “Ready for Hilary” and rented out its email to reach out to prospective liberal supporters. The End Citizen organization has chosen to back Democrats as its leaders believe that Democrats can bring meaningful change and in the 2016 election, it donated millions of money to fund Democratic candidates running in competitive Senate and House races across the country. These candidates include Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

A constitutional amendment must get approval from two-thirds of the House and the Senate, in addition to endorsement by three-fourths of all states, End Citizen United is working towards achieving these numbers by donating to as many candidates as possible. Rick Hansen, lecturer of political science and law at UC-Irvine School of Law and a campaign finance regulation specialist says that it’s not going to be easy to pass that law in such a way and the easiest way is to confirm a new justice for the Supreme Court, when the right time comes, who would adjust the balance of the court. But Carbo argued that having access to 25-30 million dollars could bring a major impact to a House race. Hansen also stated that PACs like End Citizen United contributes to creating public awareness of the Supreme Court’s decision and continue to stress both the political leaders and the Supreme Court not to make things worse. End Citizen Organization Works towards supporting candidates who approve of finance reform campaign, could modify existing laws and stand against Citizen United.

Find more about End Citizens United: http://www.factcheck.org/tag/end-citizens-united/