The Advancement of Women’s Social Issues

Women versus men has been a long standing debate throughout history. Women have been doing many of the same things as men for years, but they have never really received the credit for doing so. This is one of the major issues in society now days, but things have drastically improved over time. One of the biggest and best events for fighting this disadvantage is held in Dallas, Texas, every year. This event is known as the Dallas Women’s Fund, and it is helping to revolutionize society’s one-sided views.

The Dallas Women’s Fund held its annual luncheon on October 20, 2017. This spectacular event encompassed on its 32nd anniversary by bringing in a Dr. Hope Jahrel. This magnificent woman is a warrior in a sense, and she has done some amazing things. Dr. Jahrel was named as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People for 2017. The award-winning scientist and best-selling author provided a keynote address that was live streamed 20 different schools in North Texas. Not to forget, these schools have well-over 20,000 students. One of the biggest boosters for this event is NexBank SSB. This Dallas-based bank has provided a $100,000 gift. NexBank SSB is known for its progressive actions to fight disadvantaged causes in this particular region of the U.S. By supporting this event, women will have a greater chance of receiving economic security as well as leadership.

NexBank SSB is one of those regional banks that posses the qualities of a much larger national bank. It specializes in institutional services, in mortgage investing and in commercial investing. NexBank’s money market rates have grown to three-times the national average, and it has up to $7.6 billion in total assets. It would be very hard trying to find another regional bank with this much clout and with this much capability. With NexBank being brought into the fold, the Dallas Women’s Fund will certainly continue to improve in the years to come.