ClassDojo is Changing the Communication Dynamic Amongst Parents, Students, & Teachers

Much like many other startup company, ClassDojo started as an idea. Founder Sam Chaudhary and Cofounder Liam Don worked hand-in-hand to turn this revolutionary idea into a working concept. Once the application was created, Chaudhary and Don spent their first week in California reaching out to teachers. Within a few short years, ClassDojo quickly spread across the globe, helping hundreds of thousands of education institutions communicate with parents more effectively.



Fast forward five years, ClassDojo has achieved what was never thought possible. With millions of active users, the app has helped millions of parents shorten the gap between class and home, allowing more involvement, communication, and overall participation with their children’s classwork.



Oddly enough, the company has never invested a dime in marketing, yet exceeded all expectations. By simple word of mouth marketing, the app’s popularity within the education sector has grown exponentially. According to the company, ClassDojo is active in roughly two thirds of all schools (including public, private, and charter), receiving about 500,000 downloads per day last summer alone. To date, the ClassDojo app has been downloaded in over 180 countries around the globe.



Although the app has received overwhelmingly positive feedback across both app stores, some individuals have expressed opposing views claiming that the app treats children like pets & is merely a shaming tool for teachers. However, many individuals have left positive feedback for the app, stating that this educational communication platform allows them to involve themselves in their child’s academic career. No matter which side of the fence individuals are, it’s abundantly clear that ClassDojo is changing the way parents, students, and teachers communicate.