Reports a 71 Percent Growth Rate in Assets for the End of December 2016

Nexbank, a historical community bank in Dallas, Texas recently reported a 71 percent growth in assets, the end of December 2016. The history of the bank providing services began, in 1922, to meet the financial and banking needs for their clients, including real estate investors, companies, corporations, and institutions. The bank is a subsidiary of Nexbank Capital, Inc., a financial services company. IDC Financial Publishing Inc. gave the bank an excellent score of 300 for Third Quarter 2016 Superior Bank Quality Rating. Nexbank Community Bank also ranked number two among the top 25 Residential Real Estate Lenders by Bank Director Magazine as 2016 Focused Strategy Ranking.


In 2016, Nexbank’s mortgage banking volume is reported at $5 billion, an increase by $1.5 billion compared to 2015. Independent Banking Magazine named the bank The Best of the Best and the number one Top Performing Bank in the nation. Nexbank has more than $1 billion in assets and ranked first based on their ROAA (return on average assets) and ROAE (return on average equity) among all banks. At the end of December of last year, their total assets are over $4.5 billion, a 71 percent increase compare to the previous year. On top of that, Nexbank reported their 2016 net income is more than $83 million.


Nexbank SSB, formerly known as Heritage Bank was founded 95 years ago, and received its name change in 2005. John Holt serves as president and chief executive officer of Nexbank Capital and oversees its subsidiaries, including FDIC member, Nexbank SSB. Knoll Bond Rating Agency gave the holding company an investment rating grade of BBB and a stable outlook. The bank’s deposit rating is BBB plus with a stable outlook the end of December 2016.