Felipe Montoro Jens and The Partnerships That Countries Need To Boost For Them To Gain Growth

There are many government officials serving the public that may not be up for the task. They don’t have the political power to lead and to make the tough decisions. They don’t have the courage to change what is necessary, important or what should be removed from the society for the development to happen. Fortunately, there are still people like Felipe Montoro Jens who now serves both the public and private sector, and make sure that the country he’s in gets all the potentials for growth it can get.

One of the most relevant highlights in Felipe Montoro Jens’ career happened last 24 March 2018 when he was part of a Special Meeting of Governers from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The event took place in the Argentina, most specifically the city of Mendoza, and it is an event that has been the great catalyst for all relevant changes that Latin America needs today. View Ideamensch.com

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is a firm believer of the power of the IDB. He believes that it’s a fantastic network of solutions, people and influential leaders that could be tapped for better funding that can help Latin America rise higher. With the project risk management expertise from IDB and the efficient solutions for private investments that are facilitated by the firm, Mr. Jens is optimistic of how far Latin America can go.

In an article from Info Money, Jens reports that if there’s a convergence of infrastructure set forth by IDB and there’s increase media relations among the countries, investments will grow higher and more people will have to get more opportunities to grow their assets. The connections that IDB brings can also bring forth stronger social demands in the society. This then brings more positive progress in Latin America, generating more policies that encourage gender equality and conservation of environment, among others. Read more: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/



The Future of Talos Energy

One of the top oil and gas companies in America is known as Talos Energy. This particular company is an oil producing juggernaut. The company takes offshore drilling to whole new level, but many of its best moves come from the boardroom. The huge success of Talos Energy comes via its cohesive team. These individuals put their heads together to come up with the best possible solutions for the company. Long-term success is much better that short-term riches. Natural resources are extremely valuable, and they can be a fundamental source of energy for decades to come. Having control of a region that’s loaded with natural resources can be a bit tricky as everyone seems to want a piece of the pie.

This is where Tim Duncan comes into the frame, and this man has done some amazing things throughout his time in the oil and gas industry. Duncan just so happens to be the chief executive officer of Talos Energy. This phenomenal man is a brilliant-thinker as well as a business-savvy board member. When Hurricane Rita destroyed the money-building effects of the Phoenix Oil platform in 2005, Duncan put his progressive way of thinking into motion. This man played a tremendous role in acquiring the capsized platform from Phoenix Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation. By taking control of the platform and by working with its damaged structure, the Phoenix Oil platform would soon become Talos Energy’s biggest asset. This industry is full of risks that most other oil and gas professionals would never take and this is why Tim Duncan is so special.

Talos Energy is looking for bigger and better things in 2018. The company has a number of projects in the making, including the Zama well project that’s off the immediate coast of Mexico. If all goes well, this project could create a positive cash flow of epic proportions.

Talos Energy’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

Flavio Maluf- the CEO of Eucatex Elaborates on Tax Incentives

The Brazilian government has imposed huge taxes on businesses making it a challenge to maintain a business in the country. The CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, however, believes that tactics such as tax incentives could ease this burden.

Background information

Flavio Maluf graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. His career began in 1987 at the Eucatex Company. He indulged in trade then moved to the industrial branch. In 1951, Eucatex South America Industria e Comercio was founded. In 1996, through encouragement by his uncle, Flavio Maluf joined the executive tier. His passion, however, lies in business. In April 2005, he was granted the presidency and has since shaped the company into what it is.

Professional Roles

Mr. Flavio Maluf chairs the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex. He is the Vice President of the Board at Eucatex S.A Industria e Comercio. Mr. Maluf is also the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia and the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex S.A QuÍmica e Mineral. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

About tax incentives

Companies, through the Fiscal Incentives Laws proposal, are getting a chance to direct a share of the amount they pay in taxes to ventures contemplated by these laws. They could be social, cultural, technological, sporting, health programs or even scientific research. This way the funding is used to serve the community, reports Mr. Maluf. The general idea is to boost the economic and social progress of the country. Moreover, the public administration also grants tax incentives to some companies due to their area of operation. This is to STIMULATE a given industry or particular economic activity. These incentives can be in the form of tax exemption, reduction or compensation.

The Fiscal Tax Incentives

It is critical to note that Fiscal and Incentive programs differ with every state and municipality. They can either be municipal, state or federal. Also, the company must be tax based on actual profits in order to be part of tax incentives. Flavio says that if the enterprise gathers taxes for supposed profit, it cannot use this form of incentive.


Flavio Maluf is a successful businessman whose ideologies revolve around exploration, seeking new approaches and taking risks. He strives to understand the needs of consumers while growing the company’s reputation. Eucatex boasts of being the first environmentally-friendly company to be stocked in the American Home Depot.

View: http://www.barbacenaonline.com.br/noticia/saude/flavio-maluf-e-o-novo-diretor-da-santa-casa-de-barbacena


Felipe Montoro Jens Leads IDB Talks on PPP

Filipe Montoro Jens works at EnergiparCaptacao as the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the Chairman of Conscssionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. Felipe Montoro Jens has so many years of professional experience in the finance field. He got most of his expertise from the time he was working at Santo Antonio Energia as the company’s director. Felipe Montoro Jens main specialty in identifying challenges in infrastructural and economic waste management as well as finding better solutions for sustainable development. He also specializes in putting frameworks that can be used to utilize in making structures on how to eliminate waste and make it more profitable financially. Read more at odiario.com to learn more.

The Special Meeting of the IDB Governors

A month ago, a special meeting of the Inter – American Development Bank (IDB) governors was held in Mendoza city, Argentina. During the meeting, Filipe Montoro Jens highlighted that the move to partner with the private sectors will see Brazil witnessing development in the upcoming years. In particular, he stated that public-private partnership will help the Latin American region overcome several economic challenges, particularly in the infrastructure and investment sectors.

Filipe Montoro Jens’s claims had been supported by a majority of the attendants who also perceived PPP to be significant to the Brazilian economy. The Minister for Planning, Development, and Management, for instance, noted that the Caribbean and Latin American regions will continue to benefit from PPPs. So far, the Brazilian government has put in place over 1000 PPP-related infrastructure projects which are valued at $360 billion.

Future of PPP

Although Filipe Montoro Jens and other delegates reported that mobilization of private capital, it is obvious that IDB will be able to identify strategies that enhance PPPs. Furthermore, with the experience of Filipe Montoro Jens, IDB will obtain quality advisory services necessary to foster partnership. Read: https://www.baptista.com.br/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-que-brasileiros-estao-entre-os-mais-insatisfeitos-do-mundo-com-a-infraestrutura-de-seu-pais/


Fortress Investment Group Thrives Even After Two Decades

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998. It was started as a private equity firm. The organization has grown from strength to strength over the years. It has lived true to its initial dream of catering for a special group of clients who had no access to asset investment advisory services and financing. It has even done more. It had its IPO in 2007 where it was noted as a trendsetter. It was, indeed the first large equity firm from the private sector to be listed on the stocks exchange (NYSE). Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York City.

Fortress Investment Group as it is today

Fortress Investment has grown by leaps and bounds. It has an asset base of $43 billion. The company takes care of assets belonging to over 1750 both public and private companies, in hedge funds, and permanent capital investors. The company says that it has a strong bias for the management of risk, and has indeed won lots of corporate support for their highly specialized risk management skills. The company management and experts say that their long-term risk management helps them maintain sustainable assets for long. The company recently attracted the attention of investors from Asia. The deal was concluded, with Fortress Investment Group being given the latitude to continue operating independently; even though it was formally acquired by SoftBank.

The Three Principals

Fortress Investment Group has three principals. Two of them, i.e. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens are based in New York Peter Briger is based in San Francisco. The three principals are charged with leading the company to the next level. They make important company decisions as guided by the shareholders. It is under their management that Fortress has highly diversified products and services. The company offers services such as investment in assets, management operations, capital markets services, consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, development of financial reports and balance sheets among many other services that they try to customize according to the demands of the customers. The company offers investments that are usually asset based. These investments are broadly diversified. They include capital, real estate firm, financial instruments for the creation of cash in the long term and more. The company has thus drawn a lot of attention because of its proven long-term strategies as far as investment is concerned. They also help clients deal with issues relating to pricing, ownership, financing and the management of a wide range of asset types.

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Some Negative Reports Shared by Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management

All investors want to get returns from their investments. Most investors specialize in long-term investments. The stock market is one of the sectors that has attracted many investors across the world. With proper strategies and information, many investors are making huge profits from the stock market. Most of them buy shares of successful companies. To establish a good company to invest in, research is required. Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the companies that has specialized in research investment management. The leading investment manager is Sahm Adrangi, who is the chief investment officer at the firm.

Sahm Adrangi has vast experience in the stock market and investment management. He has worked with the Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. He made a huge impact at Deutsche Bank and helped many creditors while working at Chanin Capital Partners with advice on out of court bankruptcy restructuring. Longacre Fund Management is another firm he has served for several years. He was involved in investment research and analysis at the company. Adrangi holds a degree in economics from Yale University.

Sahm Adrangi and his company focus on event-driven situations and value investments. They give positive and negative reports according to their findings. Recently they have given several negative reports about several companies that investors should avoid even if their shares value is high. One of the companies is East Kodak Company . According to Sahm’s research, this company has poor fundamentals. Consequently, its share will go down soon, and investors should avoid the company’s shares.

QuinStreet, Inc is another company that Sahm Adrangi has discussed. This company specializes in internet marketing to get revenue. It shares have gone up recently, and Sahm Adrangi is sure that the value of the shares will go down due to its poor business model and making revenue from sham web traffic. Lastly, he has talked about St. Joe Company. According to his research, the company is overvalued, and its share will fall soon due to new SEC limitations on Illiquid equity holdings.


Meet Louis Chenevert; Former CEO and Chairman of UTC

Leading a big conglomerate like United Technologies Corporation is not easy. Many people have served at UTC, and no one has made a significant impact like Louis Chenevert. He joined UTC in 2006 and served until 2014 when he retired. He served in different capacities like the CEO, president, and even chairman. He has vast experience in production management. He has always worked hard, and that is why he had a very successful career. As a CEO and president of a multinational company, Chenevert was able to help the company develop game-changing products.

After higher education, Chenevert started his career at General Motors where he worked in different capacities. He worked at the company for around 14 years. Louis then moved to work at Pratt & Whitney which is one of the units of United Technologies Corporation. He helped the company come up with exceptional equipment in the aerospace industry. His determination to make an impact at the company was evident when the company became the sole supplier of F-35 engines. On top of that, he helped the unit employ highly skilled staff to remain competitive in the industry.

At UTC, Chenevert achieved so much. One of the most significant achievements is helping UTC acquire Goodrich Aerospace. This acquisition took him only one year to be sealed, and it cost UTC $18.4 billion. On top of that, he has been on the frontline to help the company to invest in advanced technology. The aerospace market is highly competitive, and every company has to stay ahead of competitors concerning embracing technology. Thus, UTC developed advanced equipment and engines in the sector.

Louis Chenevert was also instrumental in the development of the F135 engine. Under his leadership, UTC was able to remain competitive and take its rightful position in the aerospace industry. He achieved this by making sure that the company units employed skilled personnel. He also made sure that all the company units were well funded to run their operations. He retired in 2014 and left a legacy at United Technologies Corporation.


OSI Industries Has Announced Several Big Expansion Efforts In Recent Years:

OSI Industries is the world leader in creative, custom food solutions to the foodservice and retail sectors. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago. OSI’s Chicagoland homefront was the location of some big news that the company recently announced. OSI has purchased and re-opened the former Tyson food processing facility in Chicago. OSI already operated one Chicago area facility but the addition of this second location is much needed. OSI Industries leadership projects that the company will be able to double its food production in the Chicago area as a result of this valuable acquisition. OSI is known for its drive to constantly grow its brand and the addition of the second Chicago facility is certainly in line with recent company trends. OSI has grown into a global brand by making smart business moves at the right time. The company currently ranks as one of the top 100 food businesses in the United States of America.

The acquisition of the Tyson plant is not the only recent news out of OSI Industries in terms of facilities. The company recently infused €17 million into its facility in Toledo, Spain in order to make massive upgrades to the locations production line. OSI’s Spanish management team had been tracking the demand for processed chicken in recent years and noticed the trend that demand was increasing on average by 6% annually. The huge investment into the production line in Toledo has yielded amazing results as the facility is now processing twice the amount of chicken as it was in previous years. From a total of around 12,000 tons per year, the Toledo facility is now processing in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken per year.

OSI Industries recently celebrated the news of two big acquisitions in Europe. U.K. based Flagship Europe and the Netherlands based Baho Food have both become OSI Industries entities as of 2016. These two amazing wholesalers are great fits for OSI’s current strengths in processing and add amazing value to the OSI Industries portfolio. Company officials including President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald have expressed great excitement with this big move for the company.

OSI Industries was also recently honored for its efforts in Europe. In a day and age where it is ever more important that companies make the environmental sustainability of their operations a huge priority, OSI Industries has excelled. The company’s efforts in this regard where noticed by the British Safety Council who presented OSI Industries with its 2016 Globe of Honour Award.

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The Future Of OSI Industries

The foodservice industry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because it’s so highly needed. Without these valuable services, the world as we know it would definitely stop spinning to some degree. Food products stimulates the economy to the highest degree because everyone has to eat. One of the top contenders in professional food services is known as OSI Industries. This company has been around for over a century, and it was started by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski. Kolschowski’s dream was to own a successful meat processing company in which he most certainly did. As word began to spread about the meats, the orders began to roll-in. Otto & Sons was basically booming with activity, which caused it to grow at an alarming.

From meat processing to wholesale was the next chapter of business. Thanks to the company’s huge success, Otto & Sons expanded its services as well as expanded its products. The company finally changed its name to OSI Industries because it was definitely an enterprise in its own right. From Oak Park, Illinois, to Aurora, Illinois, was another new chapter as the company changed its headquarters’ location. As of today, OSI Industries cover the full spectrum of food services, which includes processing, management, distribution and development. In addition to that fine quality, the company is a custom food producer. This means that OSI can create unique foods per the clients’ instructions. With its abundance of test kitchens and pilot plants, clients from all around the globe has been able to benefit.

Pot roast, cheese, panini, pizza, fritters, Tofu, cooked sausage links, desserts, flatbread, hotdogs, onions, tomatoes, meatballs, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, steak, chicken nuggets, beef patties and many other foods are produced by this giant throughout the fiscal-year. OSI Industries has brought-in a new wave of food service excellence, and it will continue to thrive in the years to come.

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Fortress Investment Group: Offering High Quality Investment And Asset Management Services To Clients In New York

Fortress Investment Group has time and again demonstrated that they are the company to look up to when it comes to investments and other related financial services. The company stands as one of the top investment companies in New York and dons a brilliant portfolio which has got them the reputation that they possess today. The company was founded twenty years ago by three financialists who wanted to create an investment company like no other. Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone were the people that formed the company and using their skills and experience took the company to new heights. The company truly leaped into the industry when the founding members decided to take Fortress Investment Group and make it public. Fortress Investment Group was one of the first of its kind to do so and set the trend for future investment companies to follow. Making the company public was not only a brilliant move but also one that brought them a large number of positives. The company soon become more and more popular, and corporates from all over the world were turning to Fortress Investment Group to help them with their investment and asset management.

The company was founded on a strong backing since its founders were already being considered to be top members of the fields that they were in. Since the very beginning, the company has proved that they are the firm to turn to when it comes to investment asset management. The company has consistently tried to offer the best of services to every one of the clients that comes to them. The company believes that the success of their clients is the number one priority for them, and is something that they want to try and enforce in every interaction that they have. To help them with this goal of being able to provide the very best to every patient that comes to them, the company has hired some of the best professionals that can help their clients every step of the way. The professionals working at Fortress Investment Group are some of the best in the field and apply their skills to offer the very best to the clients. Because of the experience that clients have when they come to the company, Fortress Investment Group usually gets referred to others who are also looking for a company to offer them investment and asset management services.

Overall, Fortress Investment Group tries their best to do their very best for the client, which is why there is no surprise in knowing that the company is among some of the top investment companies in the country. Because of this, Fortress Investment Group has been able to gain brilliant reputation for themselves and currently manages assets that are worth over $70 billion as of 2016. With every passing year, this number only keeps growing and increasing as more people and corporates choose Fortress Investment Group to help them and provide them with investment and asset management advice.

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