End Citizens United Pledges Support ToConor Lamb

The airwaves of the 18th Congressional District have been dominated by Rick Saccone, the Republican candidate in the upcoming special election. This complete domination of the airwaves is, due, in part, to ads purchased by outside groups. The 45Committee, an organization strongly backing the Republican party and the presidential agenda has launched an ad campaign with a reported $500,000 budget and features the first negative spot of the race. Faulting the “liberal” Conor Lamb as a force of opposition to a Republican-led tax-cut bill, the merits of which have been a point of contention between Republicans and Democrats.

Enter Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb, the candidate for the Democratic party, hopes to turn the Republican media advantage on its heels in his race against Saccone. With a strong endorsement from End Citizens United and a firm focus on opposing the corporate influence of elections, he hopes to take the House seat up for grabs this March. A House seat, which, until October, had been held by Tim Murphy, a staunch Republican who had resigned in October.

End Citizens United has taken a firm stance on the election, showing their full support for Lamb, a candidate who they believe to be standing up for the people. They note Lamb’s mission is to fight for Pennsylvania families who’ve been cheated by Washington, and not for the Democrat party, or against President Trump. In his campaign announcement, Lamb made a pledge not to accept any money originating from corporate executives, or political action committees funded by them. The only donations he will be accepting are union contributions, and personal contributions, a far cry from the vast amounts of corporate support that Saccone has received. End Citizens United lauds that Lamb is running, not for corporations, but for the hard-working average American.

End Citizens United Steps In To Aid Lamb

End Citizens United is a political action committee named after a decision by the Supreme Court which had lifted corporate spending limits for political contributions. The group staunchly opposes political spending by corporations and opts instead to support candidates who are aligned with their mission by funneling small-dollar contributions from individual Americans. The first large group to take Lamb’s side, their support could make or break the race for him.

A strong supporter of Democratic candidates since 2016, End Citizens United has a stated goal of passing a constitutional amendment to shut down Citizens United, which, when implemented in 2010, had opened the floodgates for corporations to bring their money into politics, and gave rise to the super PAC. End Citizens United aims to counter corporate spending wherever possible by supporting strong, grassroots candidates working to overturn this decision, and give political power back to the people.