Paul Mampilly, The Robin Hood of The 21st Century A voice for the people..

When you find yourself managing a firm that is worth more than $6 billion dollars, I think you can consider your hard work well done. Paul Mampilly, started his career into finance back in 1991, when he graduated from Fordham University. Aside from his employment as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust or even managing Kinetics Asset Management’s 6$ billion dollar hedge fund, by far what describes Paul Mampilly and his strategic tactics in finance would be -receiving an award for his financial performance amidst the depression or the 21st century.

It’s very hard to stand out on wall street because it’s so competitive and filled with younger and hungry financial constituents. Amongst all of the hedging competition, Paul Mampilly has been able to make himself a name on wall street and leave it on his own terms and walk away with his head up high. This by far, is a story that we rarely hear, but I guess that’s what happens when you take a hedge fund from $6billion to $25 billion declaring the title of “The Worlds Best Fund”. Learn more on to know more.

What is so unique and admiring about Paul Mampilly, is that his desire to help the top 1% get wealthier was always a priority, his commitment to the average hard-working family was much stronger. This commitment to the middle class lead Paul Mampilly away from wall street and to the pulses beating on the suburban streets. Paul wants everyone, including the average joe, to be able to succeed and prosper like the rest of us.

Paul decided that the best way to share his knowledge in the investment world and help the average American to get a piece of the pie would be by joining Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan Hill he created a newsletter that gets sent out to over 90,000 different people. In this newsletter, Paul gets into details about the latest and most advantageous investments. Finally, “Robin of Loxley” of the 21st century has emerged for the people, in hopes that we all can have an equal opportunity to benefit from the fruits of our labor, by making smart investments, that for some, could give birth to a retirement, that otherwise might not be possible. Find out more:


Adam Milstein: The Mind behind the Times of Israel

Adam Milstein is the creator of the website “The Times of Israel,” and he is also credited for being the mind behind several other websites including “The Jerusalem Post.” He aims to promote the Jewish heritage and to inform the Jewish people about the most updated news concerning Israel. Adam Milstein is the child of two Latin American immigrants who decided to live and work in Israel. Today, he is known as one of the most active voices in the protection of the Jewish people, and he is also participating in a lot of philanthropic activities through his foundation. He is also working as a managing partner for a California-based real estate and property development company known as Hager Pacific Properties. He helped the company to gain a lot of clients, and he also spearheaded several reforms that resulted in the increasing number of projects that they participate in. Adam and his wife, Gila, created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in the year 2000, with the main objective of helping the less fortunate Jewish people and granted them a scholarship that they could use until college. Adam Milstein is also doing his part in improving the relationship between the United States and Israel, and he is calling all Jewish Americans to join him in his mission to provide a haven for the Jewish people against Anti-Semitic attacks.

Adam Milstein writes a number of articles and journals in The Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post, warning the Jewish people about the rising number of Anti-Semitic attacks committed against Israeli citizens. He is also urging the governments of the world to work together and do their best to protect the Jewish people. Adam Milstein stated that as long as there are no concrete resolutions regarding the attacks committed against the Israeli people, the enemies of the Jewish state would continue to wage war and conflict against them. He also suggested that the Jewish people should work together and group, assigning someone who could become the symbol of power and hope to all, and lead the Jewish state to success.

Flavio Maluf’s point of view regarding Tax Incentives

Brazil’s first measure of the tax burden was set up in 1974. This led to an immediate 13.5% GDP. From that time, the real measure of the tax burned has risen gradually. The gradual growth in tax revenue burden has made it difficult for the entrepreneurs when it comes to setting up businesses in the country. Despite this, Flavio Maluf has come out to explain the need for government to influence the establishment of businesses in Brazil through exempting the entrepreneurs from the tax burdens. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf asserts that the idea of the Fiscal Tax Incentives Laws is meant to promote significant economic and social growth in the country. The unreasonable tax burdens tend to interfere with the chances of making it in Brazil as an entrepreneur. However, there are few measures that can be employed by the government to ensure that the Brazilians enjoy the benefits of tax incentives. Flavio claims that the proposed Fiscal Incentive Law is there to offer the companies the opportunity to use some of their earned revenues meant for taxes on projects that benefit the economy and society.

The laws provide ways through which the businesses will concentrate on societal developmental initiatives such as cultural projects, technology, scientific research and other useful projects such as health programs. As the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group, Flavio Maluf is in charge of the company together with its affiliates. He has worked at the company since 1987 where he joined in the trade area of the company. He later moved to the company’s industrial area. Maluf is a graduate of FAAP San Paulo where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Flavio has also served at Grandfood as the president of the company.

Flavio Maluf joined the company’s executive team in 1997 after being persuaded by his uncle who served as the company’s president during that time. The CEO is a business leader who is not only a role model but also an excellent mentor in the entrepreneurship world. Flavio is passionate when it comes to writing and owns a business blog whose aim is to discuss entrepreneurial and leadership skills.



Jeff Yastine Has The Experience To Provide His Readers With Targeted And Accurate Financial Advice

In 2015, Banyan Hill Publishing appointed Jeff Yastine as the Editorial Director. He infused the publication with the experience it took him two decades to obtain in financial journalism and stock market investments. This experience assisted investors because he began providing information about the financial market in his writings. He expanded on the opportunities for profits in monetary trends, economics and business. Many people remember the work he did from 1994 until 2010 for the PBS Nightly Business Report as an Emmy nominated anchor. His interviews with entrepreneurs and distinguished investors taught him the most important investment principles. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

The reporting of Jeff Yastine has helped in the identification of promising investment opportunities in small cap growth, turnaround stories for large businesses and investments in an extremely wide range of sectors. This includes retail, biotech and agriculture. During the mid 2000’s, he was there to give a report on the real estate crises. He warned the investors near the end of the 1990’s about the tech bubble and the dangers presented by unsustainable growth. He has always been there to report on important national events including the 1999 landmark Panama Canal handoff, the impact Hurricane Katrina would have on the financial market and the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He covered the foreign investor’s impact on the nation in 1994 and again in 2003 by making a trip to Cuba.

In 2007 Jeff Yastine was nominated for a Business Emmy Award. This was due to the work he completed regarding the underfunded bridges, road systems and additional public infrastructures within the United States. In 2002, Jeff Yastine was one of the journalists on the NBR team honored with the Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award awarded by the Society of Certified Public Accountants in New York. This was for the report he did on the bond market in America.

As an Editor with an Emmy nomination as a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine shines a brand new light on the Total Wealth Insider. Investors are given the information to live a life that has more freedom, riches and prosperity. This is one of the highest performing publications in their category. This is where Mr. Yastine helps his readers increase and protect their wealth by making investments in companies that are stable, safe and offer a tremendous value. His readers learn about the most important events and trends of the day. His advice makes a big difference to his readers. Learn:


Jeff Yastine Shares Some Top Reasons People Should be Afraid to Hire Financial Advisors

Banyan Hill Publishing is a financial publishing firm that was established in the year 1988 with the aim to educate and create awareness among the people about the financial trends. The people these days are focusing too much on their profession, and are missing out on giving equal importance to their finances. It is causing a lot of issues for many people, who are suffering from losses and are unable to achieve their financial goals even after working hard and earning sufficient money. Most people worry about the high commission that financial advisors charge. But, the truth is that taking help of an expert help them get better returns which is not possible if one does not has a financial background. There are many ways one can achieve their financial goals, and with the help of a financial expert, achieving such goals becomes easier. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.

Jeff Yastine is one of the renowned financial experts from the United States, and he has achieved a lot in his career as a financial correspondent with PBS for over twenty years. After working as a financial correspondent, Jeff Yastine has recently joined Banyan Hill Publishing a few years back to help the people understand the dynamics of the stock market clearly. It would help them make a smarter investment decision and provide the people the financial liberty they seek. The traditional investment tools cannot provide the kind of results that stock market can provide, but there is also considerable risk involved. He helps people with identifying such risks and ensuring that people are able to invest smartly and pick stocks that are primed for growth in the future.

Jeff Yastine has studied journalism from the University of Florida and has also worked with a few local channels after graduating as a financial correspondent. It is his educational qualification and experience of working with local channels in North Carolina that helped him bag the job of a financial correspondent and anchor with PBS. He was also nominated for Emmy Business Reporting Award for his report on the underfunded infrastructure system in the United States. Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider today, which is a newsletter that is known to help people identify stocks that are safe and are expected to grow in the future. There are many such stocks, and Jeff Yastine names them in his newsletters to help investors make money from the stock market.


OSI Group Brief History

OSI Group is one of the leading manufacturers of food products in the world. This United States based company has had a rapid rise following its creation as a small firm to be a market leader in the industry. Currently, the company has provided employment opportunities to more than 20, 000 employees. The firm’s facilities have also grown immensely to 65 from few ones in the United States. Today, OSI Group also has other facilities in 17 countries, and there are plans to increase them further. This meteoric rise of the firm is one of the economic highlights of the century.

Brief History

Otto Kolschowsky was among the numerous immigrants who entered the country and settled at Illinois at the beginning of the 20th century. At this period, a considerable number of German immigrants occupied Chicago. Most of these people came into the country with the aim of creating farms. The city was alive with several industries being started at the time.

After staying in the United States for two years, Otto Kolschowsky identified a business gap that he could fill. Otto Kolschowsky decided to open a small butchery that would supply the locals with meat on a retail basis. Little did he know that this was going to become one of the largest companies in the industry with time. After ten years in business, Otto Kolschowsky felt the urge to expand his business that was now thriving than he had initially projected. He decided to become a wholesaler as many other people were ready to buy meat from him in large amounts. This expansion led him to relocate to Maywood in search of space.

After another ten years, the firm had now superseded the initial projections in entirety. As it was the trend with other immigrants who started businesses in the country, Otto Kolschowsky rebranded the firm to Otto and Sons. This renaming took place in 1928. The business continued thriving and even after World War II. Following the end of the war, many companies sprouted in the country. One such firm was McDonald’s restaurant that is today one of the largest food businesses operating on a franchising model. Otto Kolschowsky’s sons entered into a merger to be supplying the firm with meat. This was the beginning of an association that has stood the test of time. Today the two companies are large firms thanks to their insightful merger that happened many years ago. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

Otto and Sons later rebranded the company to OSI group, and the firm has been operating under this name since then.

For details:

Some Negative Reports Shared by Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management

All investors want to get returns from their investments. Most investors specialize in long-term investments. The stock market is one of the sectors that has attracted many investors across the world. With proper strategies and information, many investors are making huge profits from the stock market. Most of them buy shares of successful companies. To establish a good company to invest in, research is required. Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the companies that has specialized in research investment management. The leading investment manager is Sahm Adrangi, who is the chief investment officer at the firm.

Sahm Adrangi has vast experience in the stock market and investment management. He has worked with the Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. He made a huge impact at Deutsche Bank and helped many creditors while working at Chanin Capital Partners with advice on out of court bankruptcy restructuring. Longacre Fund Management is another firm he has served for several years. He was involved in investment research and analysis at the company. Adrangi holds a degree in economics from Yale University.

Sahm Adrangi and his company focus on event-driven situations and value investments. They give positive and negative reports according to their findings. Recently they have given several negative reports about several companies that investors should avoid even if their shares value is high. One of the companies is East Kodak Company . According to Sahm’s research, this company has poor fundamentals. Consequently, its share will go down soon, and investors should avoid the company’s shares.

QuinStreet, Inc is another company that Sahm Adrangi has discussed. This company specializes in internet marketing to get revenue. It shares have gone up recently, and Sahm Adrangi is sure that the value of the shares will go down due to its poor business model and making revenue from sham web traffic. Lastly, he has talked about St. Joe Company. According to his research, the company is overvalued, and its share will fall soon due to new SEC limitations on Illiquid equity holdings.

Market America May Be Just What You Need!

Market America is a company that is intended to be a tool for entrepreneurs to market their products and services to a wide range of potential customers. It was founded in 1992 by James and Loren Ridinger, and is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. As of 2010, they had about 650 employees. They offer a multi-level marketing platform combined with an online selling and price comparison platform called Interestingly enough, this domain name was purchased by the company from Microsoft Founder Bill Gates in late 2010.

Market America takes exclusive products from a wide range of companies and helps to bring them to the open market. When you work for them, you are not an “employee” but rather, an “independent distributor”. While there are some fees, you are immediately given access to a whole lot of options in terms of products and distribution models.

Market America offers a wide range of products, including Isotonix (dietary supplements), Snap (home and garden products), Pet Health (pet care products), Autoworks (automotive products), TLS (weight management), Royal Spa, Fixx, Skintelligence (beauty products), Motives (cosmetics), Loren Jewels (jewelry), Pure H20 (water filters), maCaptial Resources (personal financial management), and maWebCenters (internet marketing services). This is, of course, just a random sampling of the many products that Market America offers and markets for. Almost any kind of product you can think of has been sold through Market America at one time or another. It is for this reason that many clients have chosen them to help bring their products and services to the world.

Speaking of which, the company has expanded its business to include a number of different countries. Since their humble beginnings in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company has expanded into Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Phillipines, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia. They provide independent distributors with many tools with which to grow their own independent business. Whether its planning, organization, merchandising,

With more than 3 million customers and more than 180,000 Distributors worldwide, Market America has generated over $3.8 billion USD in sales.

Jeff Yastine as a Successful Financial Blogger.

Jeff Yastine is a former financial journalist. During his tenure as a journalist, he had an opportunity to interview some of the experts at the top of the world’s top stock market. He also questioned prominent entrepreneurs and famous financiers. He took their advice during the interview with seriousness and applied them in his own life and become a successful investor. He is a graduate of the University of Florida. After his graduation, he worked as a local reporter. He worked as a correspondent and news a news anchor of the PBS. His duties included identifying investment opportunities for NBR’s viewers. He got an opportunity to interview the most famous individuals in the world of business such as Warren Buffet, John Bogle, Michael Dell, Bill Gross, Frank Perdue, Steve Belmer, Richard Branson and many others. During this time is when he learned a lot about the international and academic side of finance and market. Learn more on about Jeff Yastine

He is currently the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. He is using the experiences that he has gained to enable Americans to make profits by investing wisely and in stable companies. Jeff Yastine is currently an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a regular contributor to the Winning Investor Daily, Total Wealth Insider, and the Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. He is a great gain to investors who seek to understand the profit and market opportunities. He is also beneficial to investors who seek to understand financial trends. The financial editors at the Banyan Hill Publishing reveal to the investors the profit-making opportunities. Jeff Yastine started to work with the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2005. He has over twenty years of experience in the Stock market and as a financial journalist. The two decades that he spent as a journalist exposed him to more about stock market and businesses.

 Yastine contributed immensely to the NBR Guide report on how to buy a bond which was released in 2002. He has won various awards financial and business reporting. Visit This Page for additional info.

Kennedy accounts give people an opportunity to invest directly in companies through the Direct Purchase Plans. There are over 449 companies which allow direct purchases. Kennedy accounts give people a chance to invest directly by buying shares directly. The account is a huge gain to investors since there are no commissions involved as you do not need to pass through intermediaries and brokers. The account also allows the investor to buy stock from the company direct and get a discount.



What Does Kevin Seawright’s New Housing Program Look Like?

Different consumer protection laws such as the Dodd-Frank Act emerged because many banks caught consumers in mortgages without being totally transparent with them, but at the same time some of these laws have made it more difficult for people to afford homes if their income is lower. This has been an issue for a while in the city of Baltimore, but that’s why financial expert Kevin Seawright is working to get around the red tape with his company RPS Solutions. The company’s mission is to assist people in getting financing for housing who may not have previously qualified, and to invest in renovating homes and transform neighborhoods into higher quality living areas. Just this last year, Seawright and RPS Solutions announced a partnership with the National Community Stablization Trust.

Kevin Seawright has served in the accounting departments for many public and private sector firms. His career began as an intern in Baltimore’s public services and parks department, and as it moved on Seawright began to accrue more authority on public funds and allocating them appropriately. He had the privilege of restructuring the city’s public schools system as superintendent, and eventually he became the Deputy Chief Financial Officer on the city council. He helped reorganize the city’s budget at one point so that a surplus came out of it, and he also introduced a big data software program known as CitiStat to track down how departments like emergency services and utilities were performing throughout the city.

Seawright’s main jobs in the private sector prior to starting RPS Solutions were serving as the managing accountant of Tito Contractors and serving as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. At Tito Contractors, he helped the construction company procure new projects and contracts and organized their financial records. At the Newark CEDC, he helped raise funds for new building initiatives for both commercial and residential units and to promote Newark as a great place to do business in. Seawright founded RPS Solutions upon leaving the CEDC. Along with his business activities, Seawright has served communities in youth leadership groups and donated to the Babe Ruth Museum.


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