Ian King On Weak Minded Cryptocurrency Trading

What is the secret to not losing money on Bitcoin? Ian King, a famed cryptocurrency expert, tells the story of a friend who invested in Bitcoin at various price points, with the average price point being at just over six thousand dollars, which is well below the current price of around twelve thousand dollars. Yet, this investor has lost money on all of his investments. The reason for this is that he always gets out at the wrong time. He sees a drop and immediately sells because he is afraid of losing more money. Then, when the price goes up, he becomes excited and buys again. Then, when the price goes down, he sells again. That is a very bad strategy. View more on Ian King at talkmarkets.com to know more.

The truth is that Bitcoin is just so volatile that you need a proven plan. You need to stick to this plan. In January of this year, it went up and down at ranges of over seventy percent. Ian King says that what his friend was doing was being done by other weak minded investors. In fact, he believes that Bitcoin’s volatility is driving out the weak minded investors. Many of the drops occur when certain Asian countries announce plans to put bans on cryptocurrencies in one form or another, whether they are banning ICOs or even all trading on exchanges. Many people rush to sell their Bitcoin then, and then when the price goes up again, they will have lost out. FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. That is exactly what so many investors are facing.

There are two forms of fear. There is the fear of losing, which causes people to sell when the price goes down. Then there is the fear of missing out, which causes them to buy when the prices go up again. You will eventually lose if you make trades based on your emotions. That is why you cannot rely on emotions to guide you when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Instead, you need to be able to listen to the experts and get analysis from them that will help you be successful.

That is why Ian King is creating a program for Banyan Hill Publishing that will help people learn about how to trade cryptocurrencies. Ian King has 20 years of experience in investing.

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Joshua Smith Extends His Philanthropic Reach Across Reno, Nevada

The need to learn about developing sustainable approaches to the development of food sources has never been greater than it is in the 21st-century which is why a local business leader, Joshua Smith has become a major donor to local schools. High Desert Montessori School is the latest to benefit from the work of the entrepreneur and his ever-expanding Modular Greenhouses business; Mr. Smith provided a new greenhouse, soil, planters, and soil to the school in the hope students will be able to learn about the many different kinds of plants and food capable of growing in the Reno, Nevada area of the U.S.

Joshua Smith’s Modular Greenhouses partnered with Great Full Gardens Cafe to provide all the supplies needed for developing a successful greenhouse capable of growing a range of different plants. The Great Full Gardens Cafe expressed a wish for the students at High Desert Montessori School to grow their own food and to sell their plant-based foods to the restaurant when they have established their greenhouse. Joshua Smith is developing a philanthropic program through his Modular Greenhouses brand he hopes will place a greenhouse in every school in the Reno, Nevada County of Washoe by 2020.

Known for the success he has achieved as a serial entrepreneur in the Reno, Nevada area, Joshua Smith began his career as a business leader when he wanted to develop an innovative greenhouse design for use in his own garden. Joshua Smith believes developing new technologies is an important part of the work he completes as the CEO of Modular Greenhouses and a range of other companies. The use of 3D printing has been a positive aspect of the continuance of the work of Joshua Smith as he believes this is a positive way of creating prototypes in a fast, efficient, and budget-friendly way.

Despite having a clear plan for his businesses based in Reno, Nevada, Joshua Smith explains his belief that a willingness to adapt is among the most important parts of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The expansion of the business career of Joshua Smith from Reno, Nevada to the rest of the U.S. has been completed off the back of a belief in using new technologies to explore the needs of his customers.

Marc Sparks Offering Opportunities for Deserving Entrepreneurs to Set up Their Companies

Today, more people are looking to become entrepreneurs than doing jobs. It has led to people expanding their horizon and trying to do something innovative. But, not everyone is blessed with capital that one needs to start a new business. Many people have great ideas about setting up a business but lack the money to start it. It is where people like Marc Sparks come to the rescue of individuals. Recently, he began a unique program called the Spark Tank through which he would mentor entrepreneurs. The program is to equip them with the right knowledge and capital to not just start their business, but also be competitive. The program has helped many entrepreneurs to kick-start their projects, hire qualified employees and attract investments. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Marc Sparks is one of the leading and successful entrepreneurs that the country has ever seen. He is the founder and owner of the famous Timber Creek Capital. The company helps entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses, finding the right investment and get insight into the industry. Apart from Timber Creek Capital, he has many other companies that grew and are today successful. He has also worked in the telecommunications industry for a long time. He has set up three companies in this industry, namely Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. Learn more: http://timbercreekcapital.com/


Recently, Marc Sparks announced a new program that would allow young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to interact with some of the best minds in the business. It will help open a communication channel for those with little leads in the industry. They would be working alongside with people who are on the top of their industries and learn from them. It will be an opportunity for them to seek grants if their ideas are worth considering. Not all applicants are selected for the program; they are handpicked by experts who see potential in their pitch for the business. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


Even though there are many different ways for entrepreneurs to learn about the industry they want to work in, they need to know the basics. Most entrepreneurs start thinking of setting up a company without knowing anything about it. Mark believes that people need to learn about the business fundamentals if they want to be successful. It is not just applicable for the startups but also for established companies that have been in the business for years.


Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the society from where he has got so many things. He volunteers regularly at the Samaritan Inn which is a homeless shelter in Dallas. He also spends time with another NGO named Habitat for Humanity that builds homes for people who cannot afford to make one.


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