Whitney Wolfe Takes Dating App Technology to Another Level

Whitney Wolfe is not your typical female entrepreneur. She is much more than that. When it comes to creating a successful dating app Whitney Wolfe knows how to build powerful dating app technology. She has taken time to research user response, and this is going to make it possible for many people that may not have trusted dating apps before to look at the dating world differently.

Women may not have been in favor of dating apps where men were the ones that were in charge. It was a tough pill to swallow for many women that were trying to avoid the way that men were harassing them on various apps. Whitney Wolfe took note of this. She made a decision to help women out in a major way. She would be able to do this by creating a dating app that would actually give women the ability to connect with men by making the first move themselves.

This seems somewhat unorthodox in the dating app world, but Whitney Wolfe did not want to be confined by any type of rules or traditions. She knew that she could only get this type of freedom to do what she wanted if she branched out on her own. This is what actually led to the creation of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was tired of being the person that had to go to other people and talk over ideals before any final decision was made. She wanted a life and a business wear the buck would stop with her. She would be the one to make the final say on decisions. This is what led her to connect with users and explore what they were actually looking for it when it came to a dating apps.

What Whitney Wolfe discovered was a surprise. She realized that there were quite a few women that were looking for something similar to what she was interested in. Women wanted the chance to approach men if they were attracted to someone. They did not want to sit by idly while they waited on men to approach them. This is something that Whitney Wolfe had been thinking about ever since she was in college.

Now she was out in the world as an entrepreneur, and she had the ability to actually make this happen. The Bumble app would become the feminists app that would allow women to initiate conversations.

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What makes Kate Hudson’s Fabletics different from its Competitors

Within three years, Kate Hudson’s athleisure company made a huge amount of revenue of $250 million. This replaces the moment when Amazon used to control the entire market through the e-commerce fashion. The company was founded way back in the year 2013. The brand of the company then grew in the market through the development of the membership model and fostering its services in the market. The mode of operation that made Fabletics dominate the market and won the trust of many is its style of allowing customers to shop using the variety of styles. Additionally, their plan of launching the new workout that is perfectly fit for the women empowering by encouraging them to be healthy marked their progress in the market. In the recent past, Fabletics has launched yet another made of subscription that allows subscription of the athletics to shop online.

Kate Hudson’s company has made a lot of steps in matters that are related to the marketing. Their services define their convenience and focus that mars their brand inspirational. The main factors that are setting the Fabletics strategy on their services include the brand recognition, well design and experience to their customers. Furthermore, there is a team of experts that are well trained in crafting the strategies that relate their brand. There are many branches that the company has open across the globe. Their dedication to the quality and standardize service delivery has been seen in places such as California, Hawaii, and Florida.

Impacts of Reverse show rooming

Show rooming has played a significant part in Fabletics as a company in the sense that it allows the company to stretch the boundaries of the relationship with the market better. Most of the people who are seen in the showroom of the Fabletics have ended up being members. Furthermore, the stock of the Fabletics is made according to the ideal time creativity and the preference of the members

Winning Athleisure Brand

Kate had dreams that her company will make a huge impact on the market and it will grow and beat the already existing businesses in the sector lie Nike and Athleta. The right track system that the company uses to check their client’s preference has also placed it at a vantage position as compared to their competitor. The system predicts the future demand in the market and shapes the company in readiness for any uncertainties.

The opportunity that ate utilized well over its competitors is by identification of the zones that are not flooded with the active wears and supplying them with a lower price that will attract the customers. Additionally, the strategy of designing different sizes of attires pulled many to buy the sales in the stock. Kate also made clothes that were encouraging the work out in its collection of fashions

What has made the Fabletics Company stand out is the real brand that is customers related in today’s world. Fabletics considers first its competitor while building its brand and this has set a sound platform in their marketing.

What We Can Learn About Fabletics From Real Reviews

Fabletics has taken over the wardrobes of casual cool girls and workout fans everywhere thanks to its cute styles and convenient business model. When movie star Kate Hudson launched the brand in 2013, she was trying to appeal to a generation of fashion lovers who couldn’t get enough of the “athleisure trend” in which women incorporate comfy pieces of athletic gear into casual everyday wear.


The brand follows a very unique shopping model. Customers can purchase items directly from the Fabletics website but they are encouraged to join the VIP membership program. This program allows them to receive a full workout outfit in the mail each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. Shipping is included. Outfits are selected by Fabletics based on a survey that VIP members fill out upon signing up that asks questions about workout preferences and fashion tastes.


Fabletics has been around for almost four years now and thousands of athletic apparel enthusiasts have joined the VIP membership. We’ve made a list of what real Fabletics VIP members are saying about Kate Hudson’s brand.



  1. The Value is Too Good to Pass Up


Blogger Teri Hutceon couldn’t resist the value of the deal. By becoming a VIP member, she was able to receive a monthly workout outfit sent straight to her door for under $50 a month. Other popular athletic apparel brands charge that much for just one piece of clothing.



  1. The Quality is the Real Deal


Teri was also delighted to find that Fabletics clothes are made using very high quality materials. The brand uses high-performance, sweat-resistant fabrics that can withstand lots of intense movement and perspiration. The colors and prints don’t run or fade even after several washes.



  1. The Membership Program is Convenient


Joanie and Heather loved the idea of letting Fabletics pick out their outfits for them. The survey gives the company everything it needs to know about its customers, ensuring that the outfits that members receive are tailored to their own unique tastes and preferences.



  1. You Can Opt Out of the Program at Anytime


VIP members also appreciate the fact that they can easily opt out of the program whenever they want without being charged. Fabletics gives you the option to turn down an outfit at the beginning of every month in exchange for a refund of the monthly fee. However, with such cute and affordable outfits that are built to last, why would you want to drop out?

Fabletics Continues to Gain Ground


Fabletics has 3 official founding members, but the name that people are going to connect with the most is the celebrity. Kate Hudson has the celebrity pull that keeps the Fabletics engine running like a well-oiled machine. The company has been around since 2013, and the company has continued to grow.

The new growth rate is something that will surprise a lot of people. Many people may have assumed that this fitness company would be successful. Few people actually knew that it would gain the type of success that warrants the opening of 100 stores. Granted, this is not all happening this year, but it is an aggressive plan even if it will take 5 years to do it.

Fabletics has built a true web presence, but this is just the first chapter in the growth of the fitness clothing giant. This is the brand that has been marketed quite well by Kate Hudson. People that have purchased clothing from the website are anticipating the opening of these stores because Kate is promoting a variety of styles. There is the active wear line that is gaining exposure. Hudson is in great shape so she is the perfect model for this fitness clothing line.

In January of last year there were a million orders shipped. This is clearly evidence of how much the company has grown since inception in 2013. The company is transitioning to areas outside of the United States and beyond the Internet. This is an impressive company that now ships to Australia and Switzerland. The company has hundreds of stores that are helping this organization reach huge milestones, and it proves one thing: celebrities sell clothes.

This clothing company has managed to bring forth revenues of $160 million and it continues to build. Hoodies and leggings are selling. The fitness gear is selling. The Internet has built a lot of buzz about this company, but the customer base is reaching a saturation point.

Hudson has really helped this company to get the point that it is currently at with customers. She has become the face of Fabletics, and a lot is riding on her. A lot of people are going to link the actress to the brand because she is the one in the print ads. Hudson is also modeling the clothes. At the other end of the scope she is handling business strategy behind the scenes. This may be the reason that she hasn’t been seen in many movies. She is putting all of her time into the expansion of Fabletics.

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