Equities First Holdings News: Services and Partnerships That Matter

There are a couple things that are just known in life, such as our need for air, our need for food, and our need for love. However, none of those needs involve having to hear bad news all of the time that will just upset us. This is the reason that you are probably going to love this news on Equities First Holdings. If you have read about EFH company, you are probably certain that they will be doing only great things in the future, because of all of the good that they have already done. Now that good will continue on with their partnership to the ETC company. They are also going to be funding the projects from now on, as part of the partnership.

About The EFH Company

The Equities First Holdings company has seen many great days, and they will be seeing many more great days for years to come, thanks to their amazing alternative shareholder financing services that they offer.

Financial Planners: Keep A Closer Eye on Social Security or Else

Retirees are missing out on a big chunk of their retirement planning process – maximizing Social Security. In this Wall Street Journal interview, David Giertz describes the results of a survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute of retired consumers and those ten years away from retiring.

For the majority of retirees, Social Security is 40% of their retirement income on about.me. Any change can have a substantial impact to the benefit or detriment of the consumer. For example, retiring too early can cost a retiree $1000 per month in lost Social Security benefits. That comes to $12,000 in one year or $300,000 over 25 years at http://facebook.com/david.giertz2.

However, few financial planners are advising their clients how best to get the most out of Social Security before and after retirement. Mr. Giertz states that this is due to the complexity of Social Security regulations which has some 2,700 rules. Planners need to make certain that their client’s retirement portfolio includes adequate Social Security planning on linkedin.com. Survey respondents indicated that 3 out 4 of them will seek another financial planner should they believe Social Security planning is poor.

David Giertz assumed the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Distribution at Nationwide Financial in 2013. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Sales. Mr. Giertz has been with Nationwide Financial since 1999.

Mr. Giertz is a financial advisor with over 31 years of experience. Previously, Mr. Giertz held positions at Citicorp, Financial Horizons Securities, Mony Securities and ISFA. He is based in Dublin, Ohio.

Jeffry Schneider’s Rise to the top as a Hedge Fund Specialist

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan New York. He attended and graduated with a B.sci degree from the University of Massachusetts. He worked for financial services firms such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. Jeffrey later ventured out of active employment and founded Ascendant Capital LLC., in March 2012. The company is an alternative investment firm which specializes in sourcing real estate, hedge funds, and private equity that is often scarce to investors.


Ascendant Capital gets involved in identifying and developing value-added resources suitable for qualified investors. The firm then distributes available offerings through private banks, family offices, international markets, brokerage firms, and Registered Investment Advisors.


Ascendant Capital operates as a listed and certified investment agent of Axiom Capital Management. Jeffry has raised more than $1 billion with the help of his growing personnel. Presently, they have over 30 employees. He has broad knowledge in the alternative investments markets. Ascendant Capital has experience in purchasing real estate, tech companies, and car dealerships. Jeffry has his eyes firmly set on the future, where he hopes to raise over $50 million every month.


Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments can decrease market volatility. His company has experienced progressive growth in the last few years and is expected to expand further. Jeffry observes that smart hedge funds allocation of shares to alternative investment are more superior to most RIA. However, many clients do not get full exposure to alternative investments.


Ascendant Capital’s success is attributed to its company culture. Jeffrey encourages a conducive working environment based on open dialogue and trust between teammates. He prides himself on transparency that he also extends to his clients. The company makes their customers a top fiduciary priority.


Jeffrey Schneider


Jeffry Schneider is a philanthropist who’s committed to helping the poor. He works in close collaboration with charitable organizations such as Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, and the Gazelle Foundation; based in the Austin, Texas, area.


Jeffry cherishes healthy living. He schedules a time to train and compete in numerous half Ironman challenges. These arduous races require a 1-mile swim, a 55-mile bicycle ride, and the final 14-mile run. Jeffrey has been to several countries where he competes including Chile and Saint Croix.

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/public/Jeffry-Schneider

Advisors, speak to your clients on Social Security; Dave Giertz Makes the Case

In an interview with Veronica Dagher, a wealth advisor columnist at the WSJ, David Giertz advised the financial advisors to speak to their clients about Social Security.

A report of a survey that was done by the Nationwide Financials targeting the consumers at https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/040114-nf-new-mobile-app.jsp who had retired said that four out five clients would change their advisors if they would not talk to them about social security.

The reason why the advisors were not talking to their clients about social security can be attributed to the complexity of the matter. The social security handbook contains 2,700 rules which make it a complex matter on Finra.org. Most of the finance advisors find it hard to comprehend the terms used and thus are not in a capacity to advise their clients on social security.

David Giertz encouraged them to talk to their clients because of if they fail to, the clients will leave and find other advisors who will negatively affect their client retainer.

In addition, talking to their clients about social security will help the clients to maximize their retirement benefits. Lack of information on Spokeo will make the people turn their social security too early which will lead to a loss of $1000 per month. They need to inform their clients so that they can optimize their benefits.

About Dave

David Giertz is the president of the Nationwide Financials. This is a position he has held since 2013. He joined the firm in 2004, and he managed to rise through the ranks to become the president.

When he joined the company, he was the president of the financial institution distribution channel. In 2009, he became the president of the Wirehouse distribution channel.

He graduated from the Millikin University with Bachelor in Business Administration and Management. He also attended the University of Miami School of business for his MBA.

Richard Blair Has A Solution For Your Short-Term Insurance Needs

As the economy becomes tighter and funds more demanding, citizens are looking for more ways to bring in some cash, and keep the bills paid. One of the most common ways to make extra money is by using what you already have. A required investment defeats the purpose of making extra money, and most people do not have anything to invest. One of the most common tools that people use to make money is their own house. With the increase of travel over the last few years, there is an even greater need for host and hotel facilities. Renting out your home or parts of your home for a short time is a reliable way to earn some quick cash. Travelers are more attracted to these type of rentals because of the difference in price, and the very literal “homey” feel that they experience when boarding at a home versus a hotel.

Airbnb is an online platform where travelers and host can interact to negotiate a stay. Customers can browse a listing of available options in a location specified by them. Because It is so simple to book or rent out a space on Airbnb, customers and host tend to forget about the risk that can be associated with renting to complete strangers.

When you host a family or visitor in your home, you may possibly be held responsible for any incidents or injuries that occur during their stay. They could also potentially damage your property, or your neighboring property, and refuse to pay for the damages. The risk of renting on site like this is sometimes greater than the reward. Because insurance companies do not typically provide coverage for short-term rentals, there are a few other options you can take to protect yourself and your property.

Richard Blair is a well experienced independent financial advisor. He posses several certifications in the financial sector, and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Richard founded Wealth Solutions with the goal of helping his clients form a more final successful path with a simple three step approach. While Blair cannot insure his clients themselves, in the final step of his program he works tirelessly to get their clients the coverage they need for unexpected storms. By taking a look at his client’s options for insurance and annuities Blair is able to formulate a non traditional form of insurance that will help protect business owners from significant and uncontrollable loss.

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