Richard Blair- Financial Planning

Richard Blair grew up around teachers. His wife, mother, and grandmother were all educators, and he knows in a deep way what the value of education is in terms of confidence and ability. Blair wants to pass this wisdom on to his clients.


With a natural aptitude, education, and experience, Richard Blair has been in the financial services industry since 1993, even founding his own firm aimed at small businesses and families. His success is owed to his holistic three-pillar approach that builds a firm foundation before it reaches for profit.


First, Blair analyzes his clients risks tolerance, opportunities, strengths, and goals before drawing up a plan to ensure a comfortable life and retirement. This step is all about education. Richard Blair takes the time to really get to know his clients– their concerns as well as their goals. He educates them about their options and limitations. This candor lays a firm foundation of trust between Blair and his clients.


Second, Richard Blair marks out an investment strategy that fits both the goals of his clients and liquidity needs. He continually adjusts his clients’ portfolios to glean maximum gain from market ups and to limit damage during market dips.


The last phase is implementation and monitoring. Of course, Richard Blair watches his clients portfolios closely, but he also watches his clients closely, readjusting the plan and portfolio to match the fluctuations and expectations in his clients’ lives.


Richard Blair is an Austin, Texas, based financial planner. He is the sole owner of Wealth Solutions INC, a $52 million RIA based financial planning service. Blair holds a securities registrations, and has for the last twenty-three years, and is subject to SEC oversight. He also works at Blair Insurance Group, Crown Bridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, Inc, and Worldwide Ventures GP LLC.