Examining Avaaz: Changing the World Together

Who can you trust in today’s changing political world? There are so many organizations that claim to serve our best interests and our deepest beliefs, but which ones have a proven tract record of success and relevance? If you haven’t heard of Avaaz, it’s time to be introduced. If you care about climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, civil unrest, and corruption, then Avaaz is the organization that will voice your conscience.

The word “avaaz” is of Persian origin, meaning “voice.” Avaaz is a global champion advocacy group, founded in 2007 by a diverse group of activists ranging from a former Congressman to the Executive Director of MoveOn.org. Avaaz’s president, Ricken Patel is a Canadian-British scholar of politics, philosophy, and economics. He brings amazing experience working in Sudan and Afghanistan and negotiating with rebel forces for peace and fair elections. An organization is only as strong as its leaders, and Avaaz is strong, indeed.

Avaaz has a very common-sense focus and mission: To “organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” Using the modern technology the internet provides, Avaaz is able to reach people from all over the world, becoming the world’s largest online activist organization in history. To date, they serve six continents and campaign in 15 languages.

Humanitarian causes are important to all of us and Avaaz has donated tens of millions of dollars to suffering people all over the world. When Cyclone Nargis devastated Burma, resulting in over 100,000 casualties, Avaaz worked with several monasteries to get food and medical aid to the citizens of Burma, bypassing Burma’s corrupt government’s attempts to give more aid to its regime strongholds than the citizens who truly needed it the most.

Supporting the citizens of war-torn Syria, and their human rights, Avaaz sent $1.5 million to provide internet equipment for protesters and activists. It bravely smuggled over $2 million worth of desperately needed medical supplies into rebel-run parts of the country.

After the floods in Pakistan in 2010, Avaaz gave $1 million to recovery efforts in a matter of days. After the Haiti earthquake, Avaaz raised $1.3 million to provide food, housing, and medical attention to Haitians who were suffering from the tragedy.

All of these examples are just the beautiful humanitarian efforts of Avaaz. We haven’t even touched on their political, environmental, and social causes. You can read more about Avaaz’s numerous successes here.

One of Avaaz’s best practices is their donation policy. They do not take any money from foundations or corporations, and they will never take a donation of more than $5,000. Individual members keep the organization strong with their financial support, and they have raised over 20 million dollars to fund their good works.

If any organization has earned the trust of its members and those it has helped and rescued, it is Avaaz. Using the power of the internet to reach people from all over the globe, Avaaz has tapped into the hearts of millions who want to make our world a better, kinder, safer place.