Premium Dog Food Is Selling Enormously Well

Good news is coming from the sales figures of the pet food industry. Sales on premium brands are skyrocketing. 45% of the near-$24 billion per year pet food industry is comprised of premium selections. Pet owners – dog lovers in particular – are embracing foods made with choice cuts of meats and vegetables. They love their pets, and they want to be sure the diet fed to a cherished canine is filled with choice ingredients.

A recent Daily Herald article pulled the curtain away on the manufacturing of premium dog food. Those interested in learning more about premium brands will find the article interesting. After reading the text, it becomes fairly clear a tremendous amount of work goes into producing these gourmet selections.

Beneful, a brand sold and manufactured by Purina, offers some truly amazing selections. A lot of thought and work went into coming up with a host of Beneful wet food recipes. Chicken Stew with carrots, barley, peas, and rice definitely stands out as something special to customers. Premium selections have that effect on people.

Beneful’s dry, wet, and treat selections can be bought in a variety of top chain stores. No one has to travel to specialty shops in order to take acquire a “Roasted Turkey” dinner sale. Since Beneful is part of the Purina family, the brand’s distribution is strong.

Premium dog food brands are sure to continue to grow in popularity among pet owners. The brands are known for their excellent recipes, and that alone should continue to motivate big sales.

Pet owners who want to provide a balanced diet to their four-legged friends realize that standard wet and dry foods might not cut it. So, they are looking to upgrade their purchases on Walmart and buy premium dog foods. Retail stores are doing their best to meet these demands.

A great many of the top retail stores are interested in carrying premium varieties. Clearly, the management of the top retail chains are reacting to the booming sales figures. Pet owners should feel thrilled about the enthusiasm of the retail stores. They are making easier and more affordable access to the product.