The Improvement of Dog Food

I have seen some stellar improvements in dog food over the years. I have seen the prices go up, but I totally understand the need for the increase. It is evident that the dog food brands of today are higher because they ingredients are a lot better. Billions are dollars will be spent on dog food in the upcoming year because customers are putting their money into the high quality dog food brands. I have been a first hand witness to the success of Beneful because I am a customer of this company. It is under the Purina umbrella of pet foods, and it has managed to carve out a place as one of the top dog food producers. The things that makes Beneful stand out as a cut above the rest are the healthy choices that this company provides. I have never witnessed so many vegetables and real meat ingredients in dog food until I discovered on wikipedia, Beneful. I am certain that the other thing that stands out for this brand is the wide selection of food that is available. I don’t really know how different all of these brands taste, but my dog seems to salivate over all of these choices. I have presented him with some crunchy dog treat from Beneful. I have also purchased the Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food and the Beneful Prepared Meals which is wet food. It is hard to believe it, but my dog does not have a Beneful flavor that he doesn’t like. That is why I don’t mind spending more money on this brand of dog food. I know that the Beneful food is not going to go to waste. The improvements over the years are certainly the signs of the times. In the past there were no dog foods that were being made to refrigerate. Dog food was something that just used to reside in a bag in the corner of my wash room. Now I have access to dog foods that can go in the refrigerator. Times have definitely changed, and I think that this is improving dog health.