Success Is Counted In Different Ways By Thor Halvorssen

Major North American human rights groups have recently been shifting their focus to problems within the borders of the U.S. where important work has been completed regarding prison inmates and minority groups. The founder of New York based activism group the Human Rights Foundation, Thor is pleased such important work has been completed as he feels this allows he and his group to explore the problems facing those trapped in oppressive and closed societies.

Thor Halvorssen points to the number of political prisoners the Human Rights Foundation has freed over the course of its life which began in 2005, but refuses to be drawn into writing long reports about problems in democratic countries.

However, Thor Halvorssen is an individual who is not simply happy to sit on the sidelines and watch others do the work that may place them in harms way; Halvorssen has previously traveled to Vietnam and been beaten up by government officials after interviewing a political prisoner held under house arrest for over a decade.

Success for Thor Halvorssen comes in many different ways in terms of the human rights activism he has been a part of since his adolescence, including his first steps into activism with a sit in at a major corporation regarding Chinese slave labor policies. Halvorssen has spent the following years building a growing influence over the human rights activism industry that continues to the increase into the present day.

The work of Thor Halvorssen has crossed borders and led to many of those who were trapped in closed societies to freedom around the world. A major area of concern for Thor Halvorssen is that of Russia, where the Venezuelan has become an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin; by supporting activists such as the band Pussy Riot and former chess champion Gary Kasparov, Halvorssen has become a target himself, but continues his fight to bring social justice to these areas of the world.