Finding Truth In Yeonmi Parks Story

A story of harrowing courage that leads the plotline through many twists and turns. It is a story of survival. A story that has grabbed the attention and hearts of many. The problem is that many are questioning how true the story really is. Is it fabricated from the mind of a delusional girl grasping for attention, or is it a true story of courage and hope seeking out a better way of life?

Yeonmi Park comes from a family that is well associated with the North Korean government. Her father worked as a midlevel official and her mother worked as a nurse for the army. Yeonmi and her sister wanted for very little, and this is where some of ther skeptisism comes in to play.

Accusations reported by DailyMail began to fly and Yeonmi saw the unfortunate shooting of a family member accused of crimes against the state. This is when the family decided to flee the country in search of a better life. The issue is that Yeonmi’s sister stayed in North Korea. Many other family members stayed in North Korea. Only Yeonmi and her mother, and some time later her father, decided to flee.

Yeonmi speaks on The Reason of starvation, assaults and even the consideration of suicide because of the life she was forced to live. It is stated that scraps of food were hard to come by and she would have loved to have had even what Americans throw in the trash every day.

Embracing a new found concept of freedom she and her mother went on a years long quest simply to go to South Korea? This may be where people are becoming skeptical about her story. They went through a number of different regions and simply went back to Korea?

Pyongyang insists that Yeonmi and her family were spies for the American government. He has launched many different campaigns in order to try to discredit her accounts of the conditions in North Korea. There are millions of refugees from North Korea. They have all stated that the conditions are horrendous within the confines of the country. Whether or not Yeonmi Parks is telling the truth does not change millions of other recounts.