Meet Louis Chenevert; Former CEO and Chairman of UTC

Leading a big conglomerate like United Technologies Corporation is not easy. Many people have served at UTC, and no one has made a significant impact like Louis Chenevert. He joined UTC in 2006 and served until 2014 when he retired. He served in different capacities like the CEO, president, and even chairman. He has vast experience in production management. He has always worked hard, and that is why he had a very successful career. As a CEO and president of a multinational company, Chenevert was able to help the company develop game-changing products.

After higher education, Chenevert started his career at General Motors where he worked in different capacities. He worked at the company for around 14 years. Louis then moved to work at Pratt & Whitney which is one of the units of United Technologies Corporation. He helped the company come up with exceptional equipment in the aerospace industry. His determination to make an impact at the company was evident when the company became the sole supplier of F-35 engines. On top of that, he helped the unit employ highly skilled staff to remain competitive in the industry.

At UTC, Chenevert achieved so much. One of the most significant achievements is helping UTC acquire Goodrich Aerospace. This acquisition took him only one year to be sealed, and it cost UTC $18.4 billion. On top of that, he has been on the frontline to help the company to invest in advanced technology. The aerospace market is highly competitive, and every company has to stay ahead of competitors concerning embracing technology. Thus, UTC developed advanced equipment and engines in the sector.

Louis Chenevert was also instrumental in the development of the F135 engine. Under his leadership, UTC was able to remain competitive and take its rightful position in the aerospace industry. He achieved this by making sure that the company units employed skilled personnel. He also made sure that all the company units were well funded to run their operations. He retired in 2014 and left a legacy at United Technologies Corporation.

Martin Lustgarten Helps Clients Invest Around The World

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