Avanca Has Nothing But Good Things To Say In Its NewsWatch TV Review

Avanca needed funds so they could produce and market one of their products, called the Ockel Sirius B. It is a PC that fits in the pocket and they needed $10K, so they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. However, when they teamed up with NewsWatch TV they raised hundreds of thousands instead of the initial $10K, which means they raised over 1,000% of their original goal.


Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the CMO of Avanca, was interviewed by NewsWatch TV. She was asked about her experience working with NewsWatch and she pointed out that this was the second time Avanca has turned to NewsWatch for help. In her brief NewsWatch TV review, she said the support was good and the interviewer was excellent.


She also spoke about the results. She said Avanca definitely saw results in both campaigns, referring to the campaign discussed above and the first campaign they used NewsWatch TV for.


What Is NewsWatch TV

It’s a show that’s a half-hour long. It covers many types of content, including paid content or sponsored content and news-related/editorial content. Clients can pay the show to air a segment about their product, service or cause they are trying to raise awareness for.



NewsWatch was founded over 25 years ago and is based in Washington DC. However, they have additional offices in a few other American cities.



NewsWatch has been the recipient of several awards. They’ve won Telly Awards, Videographer awards, as well as MarCom awards for the work they have done with their national television show.


If you’re interested in watching the show, you can check your local listings. It usually airs Monday mornings and airs on a number of channels.


Slyce the Leader In Exact Match Technology

Visual search and recognition is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in technology today. Consumers will be able to use their phones to snap pictures of retail products anywhere and the technology will find you a retailer that carries the product or something similar. The next time you go to Starbucks and see someone wearing a jacket you love, take a picture and the app will tell you where to get it and for how much. It doesn’t just end in the fashion world. You will also be able to take a picture of say your groceries and multiple items will be found which can be reordered from your favorite supermarket.

There are mobile apps currently out there offering visual search and recognition, but nothing comes close to Slyce. The company which is based in Toronto, Canada has raised over $10 million so far in funding. Slyce has already out performed a similar platform called Amazon flow which only works if you take pictures of items in their exact packaging. Soon using Slyce, you will also be able to get coupons for the items you have tagged. Slyce is also planning on releasing it’s latest app, a visual search enabled fashion discovery app called Craves in June. Slyce is targeting retailers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Instant searches on wearable devices, with always on video will record your day like a video diary. Fashion and other related products will then be recommended to you automatically based on the context of your video. They also are exploring the idea of using image recognition to tag items for gift registries. The possibilities of visual research technology are endless.

Online dating apps and more

One of the big trends right now in apps is using dating apps to meet new people in hopes of finding someone you can match up with. There are all types of dating apps out there that can help you meet people anywhere in the world you want to meet. SKOUT has been used by over two hundred million people to meet people to date. There are a lot of big dating apps right now like Coffee meets Bagel, Zoosk, Whim, The Catch, WhosHere, Omegle and Stitch just to name a few. They have dating apps for every age group with all kinds of different concepts. It has become so easy to meet people online that new apps are now coming out to help you meet people for other reasons.

I am also blown away at the things there are apps for; there is literally an app for anything! People will shop for you, do your laundry, deliver food from anywhere and get it to you in an hour or less, run errands for you, iron your clothes, anything. Did you know that there is an app where you can even order your drink before you get to a club? Who knew? So now you can meet someone on an app, book a reservation to take them to dinner through an app, pre-order your drinks, and book an uber to take you there all from an app. Boy isn’t the 21st century something?

The app SKOUT on crunchbase was initially designed for people to socialize with each other, make friends, and possibly find a datable match for them. Now the company that owns the app has now added another feature to the app, a traveling feature that lets you connect to other travelers on the road that you can communicate with. It also lets you connect with the people that live in the area in which you are located. You can meet local people and talk to them and learn about the area. You can also talk with people in areas where you are considering traveling to and ask about the city, where they recommend staying, what restaurants are best, and the best places to see while you are there. You can take a virtual trip anywhere to see if it is where you would like to go.

The travel feature was added last year and has become very popular; over ten million travelers have tried SKOUT out and its travel features to explore all over the world. The app can help you pick out your vacation spots, where you want to go on your honeymoon trip, a special trip for your anniversary, or any other special trip you want to take. People have met other people through the app that live in the area they wish to visit and have become friends and gotten together when they came to visit. The app has really been successful in all of those areas. You will find that it works with tablets and cell phones that use IOS and can be used in several languages.