Makeup and Power

It’s not a large secret that in America, almost any woman who cares what society thinks of her knows how to use the following: hair curler, eye shadow, blusher, foundation, straightener, eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, lip liner, lip gloss, and the works. Make up has a certain power, and when someone decides to dump it for a year, there’s a lot that happens.

Trans-women are particularly caught in this trap of needing to wear – or feeling like they need to wear – make up to be accepted as a woman. Blogger Jon Urbana wrote an article revealing┬áthat Meredith Talusan, a Buzzfeed reporter, was in that very predicament. She decided to give up make up for the entire duration of the year 2015.

As a trans-woman, she had found that make up gave her a sort of high. Men would open doors for her. She might get a discount at a clothing store. Coffee baristas would make sure she got her coffee quickly. Others would call her beautiful, fabulous, and compliment her lips and cheekbones.

Then she stopped wearing make up. The compliments came less often. Her high went away. However, she found that without having to worry about how she looked, she was able to be much more productive at work. It was her hard work that got her to where she was – not her looks.

So, when she went on television for the first time in 2016, she pinched her cheeks and licked her lips instead of using the array of makeup.

Create Your Makeup Style

Unique and Creative
Every person can create their own personal style with the right kind of makeup. A unique look that matches your personality can be so fun and appealing. This is the day and age when remarkable stands out and unique is the trend. Makeup creation is something that can be done with the use of quality makeup. Each and every person can fully express their own personality. Colorful and bold may be your particular style. If you are looking to add a dramatic flare to your persona then you can create that intriguing look of drama with the help of great makeup.

Fabulous Colors and Your Makeup
When it comes to makeup, colorful cosmetics are available and anything goes. Unique is within your reach. Colors can show off your personality. You deserve to stand apart from everyone else. You have the ability to create the style that will reflect everything that you can be. Everyone deserves to feel great with the help of quality makeup that will fully enhance your overall image and your particular look. Whimsical and beautiful can be created with amazing colors that allow you to completely apply and use colorful makeup that makes you feel beautiful.

Creating A Style Like No Other
There is not a standard method to apply and create makeup. Have fun in your makeup creation an look beautiful. Makeup is meant to bring out your inner beauty. Find your own way. Create your own magnificent style and have fun looking beautiful. Then enjoy your own grand style.

Bring Out Your Best
A good and quality makeup will allow you to bring out the best of yourself. Your inner beauty can completely reflect and be your outer beauty. Your true colors can come out with your makeup. Your best features can be nourished and enhanced. The right makeup will allow your inner beauty to be displayed and shine brightly. Makeup is not meant to hide the real you. It is meant to make you shine and stand out from everyone else. Every person has the right and they have the full ability to use makeup to bring out their best qualities.

Doe Deere Created A Great Cosmetic
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