Desiree Perez Rescues Tidal

The music industry is a very lucrative business that has a $15.7 billion profit success in 2017 due to streaming. Streaming has become the new means of listening to music and every label executive is trying to get on board and rise to the top streamer position. Tidal is the record label owned by Jay Z and is gaining momentum thanks to the diligent work of Desiree Perez. Desiree was hired by Jay Z to help his label improve revenue. Being that she has her own label, she knew exactly what was needed to increase sales and become a part of the music streaming business. When Jay Z released his album 4:44, she saw that as the perfect resource needed to boost Tidal up to a competitive position. After selling stock to Sprint, it increased their customer listing. Customers were able to get the music plus receive exclusive ticket offers for his upcoming tours. Desiree was on a roll with the current concept. Tidal starting the climb to a more successful business.

Streaming music has become a world wide phenomenon involving modern technologies. This ventures exceeds the music industry and is the umbrella under which many industries profit. Desiree Perez has guided Tidal into the realm of big business, one that is a major contender for the top spot in music. She was first approached by Jay Z because her successful business performance had preceded her. She was named executive of the business after the failed efforts of executives that had stepped down. She was instrumental in helping Jay Z finalize contracts that were worth millions of dollars. It was she that created an interest in the streaming service that has now become their major resource. Making Desiree the executive and putting her incharge of all business practices was the best decision made by Jay Z.