My Wedding At Tarallucci e Vino

I swear it was basically love at first sight for me and my guy. I met him on a blind date. I hate blind dates but my good friend Megan said I would really like this guy so I went with it. That proved to be the best date of my life. After six months, we just knew it was right for us to marry. I had a few ideas about where we should hold the reception but ultimately, it was one place that truly caught my eye. That one private event space was Tarallucci e Vino. We looked in many places in the area. While a lot of them were nice, they stood out from the rest. The warmth of the staffers here was present the second we met with them. They made us feel special the second my fiance and I started to speak. They also made us feel as if they were there for us at all times, offering us the kind of services that would really make our wedding day a wonderful day.

Caring Professionals

Deciding on date for the wedding was also made easier with their help. They have several spaces that we could pick from and lots of dates that made sense for us. Unlike some other places, this was a place that did not give us the impression we were just another wedding to them to get through and move past. Instead, we got a lot of loving attention that helped us decide on the date, the menu and all the other details that had started to occupy my time. I had spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of wedding I really wanted to have. With their help, I was able to pull it off with ease and without the kind of stress I’ve seen so many of my friends go through when they were planning a wedding. Being a bride can be hard enough without having to worry that your reception space will be a hassle. I was able to spend more of my time focusing on finding the right wedding dress and the right flowers instead. This helped me concentrate on the really important part of the wedding: our joining together as man and woman forever.

Our Perfect Wedding Day

When the day dawned, everything was just right. The ceremony was full of love and happiness. I will never forget my fiance’s face and how much happiness I felt. Afterwards, when we all came to the Tarallucci e Vino, everything was perfect yet again. The space for our reception here was done up in flowers, making it feel like springtime. The waiters brought out the Italian menu we had ordered promptly and politely. I got to sit back and just enjoy my very first hours as a married woman. I will never forget the wonderful services we had here. Everyone remarked on the beauty of the space, making us feel that we had made the right choice for our reception space.

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