Andy Wirth-The Renaissance CEO

Andy Wirth is the savant CEO that has completely redefined what it means to be superhuman. Having survived a near deadly incident while skydiving, he was not only was able to save himself, yet with his profound ability influence those around him, he has been able to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars to give families with kids in the special forces who often times find it very difficult to readjust to civilian life.

A huge sports fanatic, his favorites range from triathlons to biking. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, he was able to take the company from a very dark and depressing financial state and restructure the ailing Corporation to become of the world’s premier skiing resorts, effectively serving thousands of anxious skiers a day for a healthy sum.

The victim of an unfortunate skydiving mishap, his arm was torn from his body and had to be surgically reattached. He could have easily given up on life, yet, he stayed focused, aggressively fulfilling his mission.

Hailing a record of unwavering confidence in his ability to defy the odds and beat any challenge, it is unfortunate that he actually had to have his faith tested to such an extreme way, with the skydiving accident that almost left him dead, yet he’s succeeded in passing his test of faith with flying colors.

His every day confidence is something that is admired. Every day when he walks the grounds of the Squaw Valley ski resort and people see him as the CEO they can see right through any façade, yet he is personable and charismatic enough that his conviction eventually rubs off on you.

I believe that it is people like Andy Wirth are the real heroes. Andy’s unwavering integrity is an admirable trait and has collected him quite a an elite list of friends including members of the Navy SEAL s elephant of what rat man as well as CEOs from Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to his long stream of victories and successes, He has recently succeeded in bringing the Ironman competition to his beloved home of Squaw Valley, enabling the athletically astute to challenge themselves to levels of competition they usually wouldn’t be able to because of their inability to travel to major cities where most Ironman competitions are held.
Philanthropist, Ironman, CEO of a world-renowned company and appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, Andy Wirth has shown people what a wealthy soul truly resembles.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation: A New Approach To The Inner City Dillema

After the economic debacle of 2008, triggered by the sub-par housing market collapse and exacerbated by policies that funneled funds to the wealthy, there has been a slow realization of the importance of communities of the development of business at the ground level. Few communities, financially strapped themselves by multiple foreclosures and the resulting loss in tax revenue, have been inclined to develop programs to enhance ground-level businesses. Often the programs communities were able to generate were caught up in red tape and lack of funding bringing a laughable and prosaic end to programs with good intentions.

That is why eyes have turned to a shining star in the clouded skies of community development. In Newark, New Jersey, new efforts on a hitherto untenable format are yielding positive results. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was developed in 2007 in response to the serious deterioration of Newark’s inner city. Shops were failing, crime was on the rise as was unemployment. The City of Newark recognized a need and acted. The citizens of Newark were lucky, in a sense, that an organization like the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was already in place when the 2008 economic collapse took place. Most communities did not have this hedge against the debacle.

Now reorganized, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has changed its goal from bringing in and assisting big business into the community to the development of small business at the Ward level. Realizing the need for a new vision, the City of Newark set out to find a new CFO with no ties to the political environment of Newark. After an exhausting search, The City of Newark announced the hiring of Kevin Seawright in May.

As an accounting and project management professional, Kevin Seawright has worked tirelessly for over 13 years in multiple east coast cities to develop and maintain a positive business environment. His financing experience brings a new perspective to the job. He’s planning on putting his skill to work in Newark with an eye toward inner city development.

Mashable wrote that in the short time that Kevin has been managing the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, the city has already shown signs that the new economic development approach is paying off. By taking a “back to the basics” approach with the simple tools of business sense, Kevin, and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation are gradually rejuvenating Newark’s inner city. This no glitz and no glamour approach is helping a community that was down to get back up and stand on its own.