How Clay Hutson Rose From His Comfort Zone to Venture in Business

Clay Hutson has always been a fan of music ever since his childhood days. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in theater design. Clay also has a master’s degree in business administration from the famous Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Upon graduation, Clay Hutson was very vibrant in the live entertainment industry where he rose to significant positions in the companies he operated with. For some time he worked as a sound engineer and project manager. In some other extents, Clay was involved in the sound team of Billy Graham that caused him to travel a lot with him on the meetings he would hold in different countries. After those years in the different area, Clay Hutson finally decided to settle in the music industry. His primary interest was rock “n” roll. Having been exposed to various platforms in the area of sound engineering, live entertainment management, and live performances, Clay Hutson felt equipped enough to start a business. By nature, Clay was an entrepreneur. He decided to pursue this line with a passion.


Clay Hutson has established business with a clean name and reputation that has brought many other clients on board. He has crisscrossed with many musicians some of who are very renowned. He has as well visited Australia and North America in pursuit f his passion. He is currently settled in his business managing, and producing concerts for the clients who are most well-known musicians. When he is not involved at work, Clay will enjoy having quality time with his family alongside run projects on designing and woodworking.


Through an interview on inspirery, Clay shares the primary inspiration that lends him to initiate a business. He says that he had gathered so much knowledge, skills, and experience in live entertainment, sound engineering, and tour production, which made him feel sufficient at some level. Through the positions in the previous times, Cla5y was able to learn some lessons and skills that were handy in the pursuit of business. He wanted to be away from struggling companies and have a new job of his. It took faith to make the step. Clay’s source of money and income is generally through the services of rigging, live production, and sound engineering among others. He avails services such as production management, production design, and logistics management, which has gathered him, various customers. He prides in having found good customers in a tough economy. This encouraged him to continue pursuing. Learn more: