George Soros’ Goals With The Open Society Foundations

George Soros has recently made the donation of the century. He donated eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations, according to the New York Times.

It is sad that some people continue to demonize him, in spite of, or perhaps because of, his large donation. According to The Atlantic, the demonization of George Soros has a lot to do with the political society in the United States at large. There is just so much viciousness on both sides of the political aisle. People hate the people who support the other side. In addition, people are naturally suspicious of the so called elites.

This creates a toxic atmosphere where anyone who donates money to a just cause becomes a target of people who are frustrated with their own lack of progress. Of course, this holds true for both sides of the aisle. For example, on the Republican side, mega donors such as Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers are sometimes demonized by people on the left. However, The Atlantic did point out that the theories about Republican philanthropists are more rooted in reality.

This narrative, where people who donate money are somehow working against “the people,” is a dangerous narrative. It does not allow for a real discussion about the role philanthropists play in our society. In addition, conspiracy theories, such as the ones that are being coughed up by the extremists about George Soros, are often used as tool against democracy.

George Soros has long been a leading force for change and progress. He became very wealthy, and he had more money than he would ever need. That is why he decided to start the Open Society Foundations. He wanted to help out others. He lived both through the Nazi oppression and the Communist oppression. Those were both closed societies where people did not enjoy freedom. As someone who experienced that firsthand, he knew that he wanted to help support free societies. The goals of the Open Society Foundations are to make closed societies more open and to make it more viable for open societies to exist.

He started out in South Africa, giving scholarships to black students who were suffering from apartheid. At a certain point, he realized that apartheid was so powerful and so much part of the system that he could not accomplish that much, so he set his sights elsewhere. He established foundations for his home country of Hungary and the surrounding countries, such as Poland. He supported various groups that were working against the Communist regime for freedom.

Eventually, the Soviet Union shut down, which led to the collapse of communism around the world. In Hungary, his foundation became the main force that was pushing for freedom and an open society. The more they worked, the more they succeeded and the more the communist government started to collapse. Now, there is freedom and democracy in Hungary and Poland. It is all thanks to the Open Society Foundations.

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George Soros, The Man Who Is Upholding Society

George Soros, the great philanthropist, is being demonized by some right wing commentators in the media. For example, Glenn Beck dedicated an entire show on Fox News to George Soros, calling him the puppet master.

Fareed Zakaria, a commentator on CNN, has a term for certain governments. He calls them illiberal democracies. In other words, these are governments which were supposedly elected through a democratic process, but which refuse to abide by the limits of a democratic government and abuse their power. The rise of illiberal democracies, such as Turkey and Russia, coincides with the demonization of George Soros. They can actually be tied together.

Vladimir Putin is the one who heads the illiberal democracy in Russia. In 2004, Ukraine and Georgia had revolutions in which they tried to take off the shackles of the regime in Moscow. At the time, certain nongovernmental organizations that took part in the rebellion had received some funding from George Soros. Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to demonize George Soros, saying that George Soros had orchestrated the entire uprising. The general atmosphere in the world was conducive for suspicions about the so called elites. This was especially true when governments started having financial difficulties and when economies started collapsing.

Many right wing extremists who were running for office in various European countries and even in North America started demonizing George Soros. They knew that the conspiracy theories they were spouting about him were not true, but they wanted to get people worked up so that they would vote for them.

In Hungary, the Prime Minister ran a public campaign against George Soros. He put up billboards and posters all over the country. There were messages that demonized George Soros. It was pretty antisemitic. In fact, many billboards and posters were defaced with antisemitic graffiti, which should not have come as a surprise to anyone with a brain. Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, even had his government put out a survey specifically about George Soros and what people think about him. He even told the intelligence agencies in Hungary to start “investigating” George Soros and the Open Society Foundations. As anyone with eyes can see, Orban was doing all of this for political gain in order to cement his popularity on Soros’ expense so that he can win reelection when he runs the next time.

This has gone on in other European countries as well. That would have been bad enough, even though many of those countries are small and do not have such an impact on global affairs. However, it is now seeping into the political atmosphere in the United States. Republican lawmakers are going to the extreme in an effort to win over their base, and they are buying into the alt-right’s ideas about George Soros.

Anyone who cares about democracy and freedom needs to stand up against this. It is important that we do not let extremists ruin our society by attacking the very people who are upholding it, like George Soros.

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