How Can Jose Manuel Gonzalez Make A Change In Venezuela That Matters?

A lot of people think that they have to be the president of Venezuela to help it get out of the economic problems it has, but they are wrong about where influence happens. There are people who are working in lower levels of government who can make a real change because they are helping the cities where they live. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one of those people, and he lives in Guarico where he wants to make changes for his people.

He knows a lot of the people who are in need of help from the government, and he can see the young people who are criminals and have no jobs. He knows that a lot of these people go into a pipeline that will take them from no job to jail, and he wants to fix that problem in his area. He is not the only regular business person who serves on the assembly, but he is the one with the biggest ideas.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has no desire to be the president of Venezuela. He only wants to help his home country make sure that it will be healthier for the future. He knows that he can make changes on his own, but he also knows that he has to get other people to come and help. Gonzales wants to push out some people who have been in government for too long, and he also wants to make sure that he is going to be able to get people to believe that change is possible.

Everyone sees the crime on the streets, and they want it to stop. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to bring businesses like his back to the area, and he wants to give every young a person a job to keep them off the streets. He can get the whole state to work for the greater good now that he is participating in government like everyone should.