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Securus Technologies is a integrated highly active inmate communication provider that provides low cost inmate services and telecommunications. They started as a leading inmate communications regulations provider that was responsible for a high level of monitoring and surveillance. Their top priority is ensuring the safety of the general public. Securus doesn’t believe that crime prevention stops with incarceration, but should involve every aspect of the law with or without inmates. Securus customers are taking part in this initiative to prevent crimes with their advanced technology. Their customers solved a crime that stopped a corrupt staff member in their tracks. The also try to stop contraband, illegal money transfers, and more.


Securus Technologies is a very popular inmate calling network chosen 10 to 1, over other leading competitors like IC Solutions. Their technology has been able to help them surveillance other companies as an inmate communications regulator and they found a few inaccuracies during an audit with Global Tel-Link. The discrepancies were quickly corrected and allowed Louisiana customers to get unlimited free calling features for a limited time. Talk more and spend less with inmate calls with a reliable network, let Securus Technologies work for you.


Popular Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates have a personalized access system that allows them to receive messages at any time. This gives the freedom of independence to transition for life outside of a correctional facility.


Remote Visitation


You can visit the ones you love in a correctional facility over the holidays including Christmas over the internet, face-to-face. For a flat fee, you can now get video visitation over a high definition video with complete control over the sound.


Become a part of the reliable Securus Technologies network by visiting their secure easy to read and navigate website.



Securus technology is a prison technology company is the United States. This is a company that deals with control of cell phones to get the required information to act as evidence of crimes committed. It provides leads to civil and criminal justice technology solutions. This helps to improve public safety and modernize imprisonment experience. It is also the biggest suppliers of prisoner communication, parolee tracking and government information management solutions. Its sole concentration is the specific needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities. It is also in the forefront in delivering responsive customer service.


Securus Technology assists in getting information from recorded calls and sent messages via mobile phone, which serves as evidence to incriminate someone or a company. They help track all the information on the crimes committed by use of technology like recording calls when an inmate in prison calls relatives or their lawyers. This helps the judiciary to learn the truth behind every crime and the state of witnesses. They also track the parolees to monitor their movement and communication to get information that can be used in the court of law.


This technology helps in the monitoring of the inmates to find out any alcohol and drug use, drug selling in the facility, possible access to cellular devices, threat, and suspicious conversations concerning money transfer and crime information. Currently, there has been an evolution of investigative tools and capabilities that enable investigations and improve jail security posture. These apparatuses enable staff to direct examinations when there is a potential danger to the security of the facility.


Securus technologies have been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) meaning they have worked with BBB to meet the required standards. To craft its products and acquisitions, Secures Technologies carefully listens to corrections/law enforcement and inmates. Securus is on the front line with improving facility customers and saving lives.


How We Use the Securus Technologies System to Find Contraband

One of my duties as a corrections officer in a crowded and dangerous prison is to try and keep all contraband out of the hands of the inmates. Even a small amount of illegal drugs could allow the inmates to become violent to the point that they are a danger to themselves, other inmates, officers, and even the visitors. We do have a number of resources we use each day to try and slow down the flow of drugs into our facility.


The first thing we do each day is surprise cell inspections all out the jail. The inmates have no idea if we are coming back in a day, week, or month, we mix up those inspections around the jail. The we focus on the visitor center, hoping to intercept anything that is passed from the people on the outside to the inmates. We even take great efforts to check all the mail coming into the jail for any traces of drugs.


One other resource that we have in our attempts to rid the jail of contraband is the inmate telephone monitoring service that was installed by Securus Technologies. The company objective is simple, making the world safe for everyone, and we trust they know what they are doing. The LBS software is capable of being able to detect chatter on any subject, so we use it daily to scan for anything related to drugs in our facility.


Once we understood how the software operated, it was easy to pick up chatter on certain drug-related terms. We get hits daily now concerning inmates talking about drugs being brought into the visitor center, where they hide drugs, even how drugs can be turned to liquid and used to coat letters that are mailed to inmates. Each instance, we simply send a team to take care of the issue and move on.


Securus Technologies Pushes the Correctional Facility Tech Adoption Further

Securus is a technology company with its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. The company is also found in other major cities like Texas and Dallas. Founded in 1986 as an American for profit, prison Technology Company, Securus currently houses over 1,000 employees and an approximate 2,600 contractors. Of interest to note also is that Securus majors in patents, technologies as well as acquisitions. A case in point is the $600 investment made by Securus in 2016.


Securus technologies has steadily expanded its scale of operation. In the year 2004, the two popular corrections market companies, Evercom and T-Netix merged. As a result Securus later acquired its first international brand in 2007.


The company offers a range of products and services. Just to mention a few, Securus came up with a system that controls the contraband systems. In 2016, its Access Solutions received approval in over five correction facility departments. Securus also partnered with Harris Corporation in 2016. Earlier 2017 the company announced its solution in wireless containment.


Securus was among most companies that served the inmates in the United States of America. Indeed, Securus is among the leading companies that facilitates both criminal and civil justice technologies. This ensures public safety, corrections, investigations and monitors against crimes. Consequently, this leads to a better and safer working environments of operation. In view of this, the company releases, new services every week. These services aim at solving and preventing crimes.


Most correctional facilities therefore rely on the legal information provided by Securus. Most important, the cases of harassment by the law enforcing bodies have also declined. This as a result has helped to curb mistreatment that was rather common in the recent past.