Make Up for Men and Women

Time for a Change

Perfect appearances have long been the social norm. Much of society has declared that anyone daring to step outside of polished gray suits and tucked in shirts was considered an outsider and made to feel unworthy for their uniqueness. Those with dreams and aspirations to have a little fun and freedom to be themselves and look the way they want to look should be able to do just that. When it comes to makeup, men and women have both
been repressed for way to long. Yes, I really did say that men also like makeup. They want to feel gorgeous and sexy just like every girl does. They should be able to do that without fear of judgment or ridicule.

Incredible Colors

A new makeup line by Doe Deere on ideamensch is for both boys and girls. No one is left out. The makeup comes in many colors of the rainbow. That could be why one line of her makeup is called “Makeup for Unicorns”. Bright blue, purple, and orange lipsticks throw caution to the wind. No more settling for just boring mauve pinks. Even the eye makeup is colorful.
Eyeliners come in choices that include bright yellow, and there are eye shadows with glitter. Everything comes in gorgeous packaging, so your makeup bag is full of pretty things.

Color for Men

Going out wearing makeup when you are a man can be considered too risqué by some people. If you love the way it makes you look and feel though, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Just go for it. Anything goes when it comes to makeup. Some men think that the only time they should wear makeup is when they paint on their favorite sport’s teams colors at the game. This isn’t true. Guys can have color all of the time. You can keep it subtle, and just add a bit of black eyeliner for intensity if you want. Go for a gothic look, and add black lipstick too. For something new, try drawing designs on the skin. If heads turn when you walk by, just remember that its because you look fabulous.

Accentuate Your Best Features

Makeup for girls has always been a given. Little girls start dressing up and getting in to their mother’s makeup at an early age. They paint on colors any way they want, and when they look in the mirror, they feel beautiful. That is what makeup should do. It should lift your confidence and highlight your best features while playing down the ones that you don’t like so much. Try experimenting with different colors until you get the look that you feel confident wearing.