Status Labs: An Ironic Situation Led to a Better Business

A great business can suffer from sincerely not-so-great situations. No matter how many steps a business takes in the right direction, events well outside the scope of daily operations could cause a great many problems. In an article published on The Huffington Post, Darius Fisher revealed his company, Status Labs, had to deal with a reputation crisis. The tragedy here is Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. The company was put into the odd situation having to repair its own reputation. At least it did a great job.

As for the backstory, an executive with the company was involved in an incident that dragged Status Labs into the mess. The media hyped up the situation and things did not look good for the firm. Darius Fisher and his team went to work to get things back on the proper track.

The executive parted company with Status Labs. This move was impossible to avoid. By severing its connection with the executive, the firm could go back to doing the necessary work for the clients who request its help. So far, 1,500 people have asked Status Labs assist them in fixing various online and offline personal and public relations woes.

Smoothing over relationships with employees was the next necessary step to take. Keeping all the many vital employees in the fold was difficult amidst the media frenzy. Once the media waters calmed down a bit, steps were taken to make things more comfortable for employees. A number of appealing workplace policies were devised to make Status Labs employee-friendly. Hence, the employee turnover problem ceased.

Status Labs also went to work on getting its good name back. Helping out with good causes in the community aided with this endeavor. Joint partnerships with other businesses aided in this cause.

Today, Status Labs is doing tremendously well. The firm has experience more than 900% annual growth since its initial year in operation. Many high-profile clients have come on board with the firm. The future looks to be a positive one. Hopefully, it will be a future free of any more controversies.

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