Brazilian Authors and Literature

Literature in Brazil has evolved a great deal since the Colonial period when authors would do their work in Portuguese. Currently, the authors have kicked their game a notch higher and have successfully penetrated world’s largest and most celebrated publishing marketplaces like the Amazon. This has seen initiatives such as launching of literary translators to reach a much more diverse audience. Their creative work can now be released in both print publications or online in the e-books. This is a great leap towards brighter future by the Brazilian authors.

One of the famous writers in Brazil is Jaime Garcia Dias, who has written over twenty books and received several accolades like the White Crane Award in 2001. He is an icon in the Brazilian literature. Jaime has had a passion for writing since he was young and first wrote a book at the age of fifteen. He acknowledges his father, Arnaldo Dias, who is also a famous writer, for the support both moral and physical to realize his dream. Jaime had a profession as a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy where his talent was enriched which gave him even more zeal to write. He thoughtfully came up with new strategies for teaching literature at the Academy, which proved successful and saw him promoted to the vice president of the school and come 2007 the president. At the Academy, he helped young authors find their inner self and master their talents to be great writers. This gave him fame in Brazil and beyond. In 2013, he wrote a chronicle, a biography of him and his father about his childhood life, in Jornal do Brazil to honor him. He was awarded a weekly print in the Jornal do Brazil. can show you that Brazil has produced a series of great literary leaders such as Jorge Amado (1912-2001) celebrated as the most loved in his era. He brought out the humor in an artistic style to help the people in their day to day life. Paulo Coelho is another literary giant sprung from Brazil, Author of the famous novel the Alchemist. The today’s authors draw their inspiration from Brazil’s variegated cultural influences of the past, the emerging trends in the society and the global village brought about by the internet. Most pronounced in the 21st century is the derivation of stories from the flow of text and images on the internet. Christhiano Aguitar, a Sao Paulo-based writer, and blogger, targets an audience with passion in the pop culture and science fiction that has been received with open arms.

This just gives a sneak peek of how hard the Brazilian authors are coming. They are surely not ready to be left behind as the literary world evolves.