Samuel Strauch’s Exclusiveness Impacts Florida’s Real Estate Sector

Samuel Strauch has displayed his passion in real estate ventures through his foundation known as Metrik Real Estate. The Florida-based organization specializes in the providence of equities, management and brokerage services. Samuel Strauch is considered as a significant personality in the real estate industry due to his outstanding attribute that brings along happiness and flow in a business.

Mr. Strauch provides various strategies that facilitate flow and happiness in an interview with Eric Dye. Additionally, Samuel Strauch states the essential pillars required for the advancement of both personal and professional life. His extended knowledge is attached to his educational experience at the University of Hofstra; where he earned his business degree. Additionally, Strauch’s diversity in skills was equipped at other institutions including Harvard University and the University of Erasmus. According to Samuel Strauch, happiness at work is necessary for positive outcomes as well as expansion.


Mr. Strauch commenced his professional path in the banking sector. Later, he joined his family’s ventures geared towards real estate operations in south Florida. At the organization, Samuel learned the required management and leadership skills for the operation of a business entity. After successfully equipping himself fully, Samuel established his real estate firm in 2002. Since its founding, Metrik Real Estate has experienced tremendous growth with operations throughout Latin America and the Southern part of Florida. Samuel’s popularity does not only stem from the real estate organization but also from other segments including the investment department. Strauch is a renowned investor impacting a variety of businesses like the internet and hotel ventures. Additionally, Samuel Strauch is a photography enthusiast as well as an art lover.

As the best and most preferred real estate firm in Miami, Metrik has participated in numerous developments in Florida. The company’s works range from property analysis to research concerning latest pre-construction projects in the market. Mr. Strauch has led Metrik in the augmentation of prestigious homes including the Coconut Grove, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne among others. Other pre-construction projects facilitated by Samuel include the Area on the Bay project. This pre-construction will compose of more than fifteen sunny isles residences. Samuel’s exclusiveness in the real estate sector has impacted his niche vastly. In Samuel’s opinion, the real estate industry will overtime achieve improvements regarding sales. A report provided by the 2017 real estate analysis demonstrated that the prices of owning homes have dropped significantly. This incentive will thus compel individuals to shift their focus therefore possessing homes.

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Tammy Mazzocco: Is 2017 the Year to Sell Your Home in Ohio?

Homeowners in Ohio can celebrate the current real estate boom. Central Ohio homeowners have experienced an 8.1% increase in home values from last year. Currently, homes have an average selling price of $199,954 in Central Ohio. This is a significant increase compared to the rest of the United States. Homeowners who are looking to sell their home should take advantage of this opportunity. Fortunately, due to the current economic conditions in Ohio, this trend is expected to continue.


Why is Ohio experiencing this boom in real estate value? To most, the reason for the increase in home value should not come as a surprise. Ohio is one of the best states to live in the United States. Residents here can expect a reasonable cost of living and multiple employment opportunities. One example is the growth in the technology industry. Residents have access to a variety of jobs. Parents are also able to save on the cost of educating their children due to the quality of the school system in Ohio.


According to Philly Purge residence and newcomers who want to take advantage of the real estate opportunities in Ohio are able to contact Tammy Mazzocco. Tammy Mazzocco has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Her focus is on providing excellent service to each of her clients. Clients often return to Tammy for future real estate purchases due to their previous experience.


Selling a home can be a complicated process. However, Tammy Mazzocco has extensive experience in multiple real estate transactions. Her experience allows here to walk each of her clients through purchasing or selling a home. From the start of each real estate transaction buyers are informed of each step within the home buying or selling process. Buyers and sellers are able to rest assure that they are in good hands when they choose Tammy Mazzocco as their real estate agent. You can visit Business for more details.