Aloha Construction is the Name to Trust When it comes to taking care of Your Home

Aloha Construction is an insured and bonded company offering general construction services. Their customer location includes Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois. The company has completed more than 18,000 completed projects under their tool belt; they have built a reputation of quality work and reliability.

The company has developed a nine step roof inspection process program that helps their roofing professionals identify issues with a roof before they turn into costly repairs. The inspection program helps to evaluate a roof as to its remaining longevity including flashing and ventilation issues. Any issues will be corrected with quality materials and come with a 10 year warranty.


When it comes to siding, Aloha Construction will repair, replace or install siding in order to help protect what is a homeowner’s most valuable asset: their home. Quality siding not only protects the integrity of the home from the effects of weather; it also protects its value. Siding by Aloha Construction will improve the appearance of the home and give it its own personality and character. The right siding will also help to lower energy costs and reduce maintenance. The siding technicians at Aloha Construction go through a training program prepared by the Vinyl Siding Institute and become Certified Vinyl Siding Installers. Aloha heartily endorses vinyl siding because of its high level of endurance and minimal maintenance, but they are prepared to install any kind of siding desired and more

Another aspect of improving a home and providing the necessary care is to install the appropriate downspouts and gutters. The right system will prevent rainwater and runoff from settling around the foundation of the home. Runoff that is not directed away from the foundation will collect along the foundation and cause wet basements and crawlspaces. Such water action will also cause mildew and mold problems as well as damage concrete reducing the integrity of the foundation.

Aloha Construction is the one to call when it is time to install new doors or windows. They will install or replace such items with quality materials that are right for the home and budget. Whether it is wood or vinyl, the work will be the best quality material and installed by trained technicians.

Wasseem Boraie and New Building Projects

The city planners and leadership of Atlantic City have become somewhat chagrined of the recently discovered low citizenship of the city that are in the 25 to 34-year-old demographic. They are now making moves with the millennials in mind, planning the creation of new residential developments specifically geared to this age group. By attracting these young professionals to the area, they hope to rejuvenate the stagnant economy. Some of the construction involves turning existing buildings into stylish apartments.

This is what is being done to an older firehouse in the city. One of those leading the charge is Wasseem Boraie, vice-president of Boraie Development, who has helped lead the company to build much new housing in the city. But they are not the only real estate developers who have a hand in the construction work going on in Atlantic City. There are several. Right now there are about 10 different projects going on. And all of these projects are being supplemented with financial assistance from state and local institutions.

This isn’t isolated to Atlantic City. Other cities are also doing construction projects that are likewised supplemented by state and local sources. Still, Boraie probably has the biggest hand with the most ambitious stuff going on. Right now it is working on a high rise with 168 units. Boraie Development has been successful since it began. It was founded in 1986 by Omar Boraie who built an enormously successful high rise of luxury apartments as one of his first projects. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s eldest son, remains in Boraie Development leadership.

Wasseem has been vice president of Boraie Development since 1999. In 2013, Wasseem teamed with retired basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal to build a posh new high rise apartment building in Atlantic City. The very ambitious project is estimated to cost about $61 million. The investors have become understandably nervous because in the meantime, several of the casinos in Atlantic City have closed.