Philip Diehl’s Contribution At U.S. Money Reserve

At the beginning of 2016, Eric Dye hosted Philip Diehl at the Enterprise Radio. Through the program, owned by the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network, many executives, entrepreneurs and business owners have shared their expertise, strategies, products, services and creations. Diehl has been making appearances on different media stations.

In his discussions, Diehl has been talking about his leadership background, the prospects of the gold market and the outstanding customer service at U.S. Money Reserve.

The former director of the U.S. Mint is considered to be among those who have made great contributions at the mint. He is the man behind the 50 states quarter program as well as being the first to mint U.S. government-issued coins.

During the interview, Diehl asserted that he turned the U.S. Mint from a small agency into a renowned entrepreneurial organization. Diehl posits that during his tenure, he played a pivotal role in transforming the U.S. Mint. Read more: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

Through his commitment to enhancing customer service, Diehl was able to match the leading American business in form of customer satisfaction.

Diehl has continued with the same entrepreneurial spirit at the U.S. Money Reserve. Through his efforts, U.S. Money Reserve has remarkable customer satisfaction. The largest distributor of government issued coins, bars and precious bullion has a new IRA program.

This program seeks to empower customers to hold physical gold as a way of protecting their wealth for retirement and gaining from fluctuations in prices of gold.

Customers should not fear using U.S. minted gold, platinum coins and silver, as they are legal tenders recognized by the U.S. government.

About U.S. Money Reserve

People should purchase from the U.S. Money Reserve with confidence. The U.S. Money Reserve seeks to provide its clients with excellent services and gold coins in the market. Because of their wise purchases, most individuals are enjoying profits as they have incorporated precious metals in their portfolios.

Clients are placing their trust on the ability of U.S. Money Reserve to produce high quality products. U.S. Money Reserve has a collective objective of being trusted experts in the business. Over the years, the Reserve has helped many people in making decisions regarding platinum, silver and gold. Read more: Why Buy Gold

To date, U.S. Money Reserve has served over 300,000 persons.

At the Reserve, there are different skilled professionals working in diverse departments. These professionals include coin research professionals, order verification personnel, compliance officers, vault and shipping experts and customer relations professionals.

The others are account executives, numismatic experts and inventory professionals.

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