White Shark Media Receive Client’s Criticism Constructively

As humans, we are imperfect and are prone to make mistakes; our conceptions too may be imperfect. Prudence is accepting our flaws, learning from them and putting in place measures to avoid their recurrence. Similar sentiments are shared by the White Shark Media team in response to a number of complaints they’ve been receiving from their clients.

The leading digital marketer targeting small to medium sized business is apologetic to their customers and ensures them that they have taken their complaints and compliments constructively and have laid down a number of measures that will guarantee a better experience for their customers.

Below are some complaints White Shark Media has received overtime and the tactical solutions they’ve employed to avoid future occurrence.

Clients Losing Touch with Their AdWords Campaigns

The agency acknowledges that their reporting procedures were ineffective as they didn’t allow easy review of the AdWords report. Every client now will receive exhaustive information concerning their campaigns. This will give clients direction with regards to the performance of a specific keyword or Ad.

Substandard Communication

Initially, White Shark Media clients felt the need for an improvement in the relay information process. Bearing in mind that communication is equally important as delivery of quality results, they implemented the following;

I. Scheduled Monthly status calls with GoTomeeting; GoTomeeting is a conference tool that allows screen sharing with the clients. On a monthly basis, every client is taken through a review of the previous month’s results by a SEM strategist.

This initiative has proven highly effective accompanied with positive comments from older White Shark’s clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

II. Phone systems with direct extensions; seamless communication is key for a working relationship. Clients can now contact a member of the agency with their grievances. Upon signing up, they are sent an email containing all relevant contact information for a particular agent and a supervisor who oversees all campaign management.

SEO Services

Though not offering SEO services currently, White Shark Media Complaints team is more than willing to review all SEO proposals for their clients to prevent them from losing hefty sums at the hands of shoddy SEO vendors.

Clients being unable to track their AdWords Performance

A successful AdWords campaign requires consistent tracking of one’s account. For this, the agency has installed conversion tracking, call tracking, and Google Analytics courtesy of the house.

This ensures easier result tracking and optimization of the campaign for the best performance. For inquiries that happen through a call, Marchex has partnered with White Shark Media to provide the Call Tracking.