How Does Slyce Make Images Shoppable?

Slyce has turned images into shopping opportunities by using their visual search and image recognition technology. Visual search technology finds image results around the Internet, and the applications they create help shoppers find what they need in shopping outlets that they may not have heard of before. This article explains how Slyce has been able to change the way that people shop during their daily routine.

#1: Slyce Helps People Find Things They Love Instantly

Slyce knows that people who walk the street on a daily basis will find items that they love as they walk. There is a gorgeous bag over here, a nice scarf over there and a beautiful skirt over here. Slyce allows customers to take pictures of the things they love, and the Slyce app returns results from stores around the world. This is a much faster way of finding new favorites, and the app stores all the searches the customer has done in the past.

#2: How Powerful Is Slyce?

Slyce is a very powerful application that can search every image on the Internet for a result that closely matches the pictures it is given. The pictures that are floating around the Internet are waiting to be found by eager shoppers, and Slyce allows eager shoppers to find what they are looking for in just a few seconds. Slyce has increased the visual search’s speed over the years, and the application gives customers fast results that can be repeated many times over.

#3: Why Is Shopping With Slyce Easier?

Shopping with Slyce is much simpler than shopping with traditional search engines. Customers only have their personal descriptions of the items they have found, but these descriptions could match hundreds of different things that customers may not want. Slyce pinpoints the items that customers want to but, and Slyce saves the search results for customers to peruse in the future.

The Slyce visual search technology helps create a shopping experience that customers cannot get on their own. No one can complete these searches using traditional search engines, and Slyce focuses on shopping results that will make shopping simpler for customers. Customers who want to know what someone is wearing on the street can put a picture into the Slyce app, and someone who wants to find a way to replace their favorite piece of clothing can take a picture at home. The technology puts the power in the hands of the customer.