Educators Also Learn At Rocketship Education

The chance to learn for the rest of our lives is an idea embraced by the team at Rocketship Education, a non-profit educational group dedicated to bringing the best in learning experiences to the U.S. in the coming years. One of the commitments made by the charter schools network has been to the development of a lifelong learning program involving students, their families, and educators who are constantly striving to better themselves; educators at Rocketship Education receive feedback and coaching each week to make sure they are performing to their best and providing their students with a successful learning experience.

making the most of the experience of working and educating at Rocketship Education involves teachers being open to new ideas and taking the chance to learn offered by experienced coaches offering support and advice each week. One thing rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith explains about educating at one of the groups charter schools is the correct mindset of an educator must be in place. Rocketship Education has looked to develop a hiring process bringing into the organization educators capable of working within the confines offered by the group in terms of coaches sitting in on classes each week to provide as much support as possible to the consistently growing band of educators.

In terms of the options available to low-income families, Rocketship Education is bringing the most impressive range of educational opportunities to the people of the world. The aim of the not for profit is not to replace the traditional public school system but instead to offer a different option in bringing the “American Dream” to more families living in low-income communities than ever before.

Founders Preston Smith and John Danner have been involved in developing the charter school system in San Jose since 2006 and believe their model of K-% education is making a major difference in the standard of education on offer to all families. The fruits of the labor of Smith, Danner, and their team of educators are now being seen as those attending the first Rocketship Education charter schools are now coming to the end of their high school education and moving on to four-year colleges.