Rodrigo Terpins and His Family

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned Brazilian race car driver who inherited his passion for competitive sports from his father, Jack Terpins. During the 60s and 70s Jack, famously known as Jackao, played basketball for Hebraica. After his time in basketball, he went on to become a very successful real estate investor and president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. He raised his sons, Rodrigo and Michel, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins has been a mentor in the world of car racing to his younger brother since 2002. And Michel has since become debatably even a more famous and successful racer.


Both brothers always have a huge presence at the yearly Sertoes Rally and are the co-founders of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel first began competition at the Sertoes Rally in 2002 by competing in the motorcycle category. However, shortly after he started, he began race car driving with Rodrigo. For the past three rallies, the brothers have ridden with separate driving partners. During 2017’s 25th edition, Rodrigo drove with Fabricio Manchiana while Michel drove with Sves Von Borries. Both of the brothers are happily married and have several children. Check out for more info.



They take their chosen sport extremely seriously which accounts for their enormous success. Car racing is not the only place Rodrigo has found great success. Like his father, he has become an enormously profitable businessman. He was formally trained in management and corporate governance at Saint Hilaire. The successful Terpins heritage is not surprising if you know the family. They are a clan characterized by perseverance, hard work, and passion in everything they do. For more information about the Bull Sertoes Team visit their Facebook profile @bullsertoesrallyteam. For further details about the Terpins brothers visit,, or The brothers also have private accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Linked.