Ways to Take Care of Pets

A pet is a tamed animal that is mostly kept for companionship or pleasure. The pets’ welfare need to be looked at so keenly to ensure that they are comfortable since they play a great role to those who keep them. Owning a pet may help one stay healthy by boosting ones immune system, providing emotional care as well as enabling one do enough exercise. For instance, if one owns a dog mostly the elderly, he or she can make regular walks with the dog and by so doing they are able to achieve physical activity which is essential for their wellbeing.

Lately industries have come up with products of high quality that are used as pet food, for example, Nestle Purina Pet care, it was founded in 2001 and serves worldwide in supplying dogs’ food that is, Beneful. Beneful is a brandy food product for the dogs. It includes wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Marketline recently did a SWOT analysis which concluded that Beneful is one of the most significant brands by revenue produced by Nestle Purina. Since Beneful introduction in the market in 2001, it has been marketed on the basis of its content and appearance; it resembled stew and contained beef stew by then. It has also been noted that this brand of dogs’ food has been recorded as the fourth most popular brand that is generating lots of annual revenues of over$1.5 billion.

Nestle Purina industry has been working so hard to come up with a variety of quality food for dogs. In 2005, the Beneful Healthy Harvest Product line came up with the dry dog food as their first premium that had soy as the main source of protein rather than meat. In 2006 also, prepared meals by Beneful were also introduced and awarded in the Pack Expo Selects Award in 2007 at the packaging innovations showcase due to their high innovation. The prepared meals came in eight flavors, a multipurpose packaging which was flexible to be used as a bowl for serving dogs’ food; this was a great invention by this company. Products by Purina Company have been classified according to price range, flavor, size as well as the life stage. This is a better step made by this industry since it enables customers have an ample time in choosing the best sample for their pets.

Pets should be understood better in order to make them happy and healthy. One should keep in mind the abilities these pets have, for example, dogs can be trained properly and end up gaining skills such as detecting drugs, diseases like cancer and even explosives. This can only be achieved by training them using positive reinforcement as well as kindness. Other than this, the pets’ health should be considered in that all necessary vaccinations and medications should be taken into account by taking the pet to a vet who is able to sort out medical problems that may arise. The pet should also be provided with care and people around it should be taught on how to interact with it.