Whitney Wolfe Herd Took Charge Of The Dating World

In many areas, Whitney Wolfe Herd saw it was a necessity to make sure women were a big part of the groups they were supposed to be representing. She wanted women to have a hand in everything they did and that’s how she was sure she was making the right choice when it came to the dating site that she created, Bumble. She knew women would feel good about what they were doing and they would have a better chance of experiencing a more positive dating choice if they were the ones who were given the power they needed to overcome all the issues that most of them had had.

While Whitney Wolfe Herd was working on Bumble, she knew the right way to handle things would be to come up with ideas for women to experience the most positive opportunities possible. She was sure she could make it something that women would benefit from. Since the company is woman-owned and she employs a lot of people in the company who are women and who are focused on women having all power, Whitney Wolfe Herd knows the company will continue to thrive and make a big difference for her.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe Herd was married in Texas. She married the man she was dating because he was there for her while she was carrying out all her dreams. He supported her throughout the time she was getting Bumble started. He knew she was going to be successful and that was a huge part of how he was going to make sure she could do things right for herself and for the other women who she was trying to help with the revolutionary dating app. He had stood beside her with everything she did throughout the time she was starting her business.

Even though there had been some issues with people who were not interested in the way the app works, it has been extremely successful in general. Whitney Wolfe Herd knew this would be something she could take advantage of and knew it would be a great way for her to get more from the options she had. There had been so many times when Whitney Wolfe Herd was making right decisions. No matter how she was doing it, the app was successful and people were going to start benefitting from the power they had with the Bumble app.

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Doe Deere Is A Pleasure To Work With

Doe DeereI am someone who loves makeup of all kinds. Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of makeup companies. I’m always in search of new products of all kinds to try. I like to do what I can to help update my look and stay current. In the course of searching for new makeup products I came across a new website I had never seen before. Much to my delight, I was quickly able to find a lot of products that I really liked. This site is called Lime Crime. Such a clever and amusing name. I laughed the first time I heard it. I think it immediately gets to the heart of the idea that makeup should be fun. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/about/

Amazing Art

Once I came across the site, I was quickly entranced. There are so many products here that are totally innovative. Playing around with makeup of all kinds is something that makes me happy. I was quickly struck by the amazing photographs on the site. Clearly, these lovely photographs are the work of someone with an artist’s eye. I found out that the site owner is someone named Doe Deere. One of my friends says that she’s always changing out new ideas and putting out new products on her site. She also pointed out that Deere was someone who was going to show me things I had not seen before. It was quickly clear to me as someone who loves art of all kinds that this was the place to be.

Ordering Was Easy

So many things here caught my eye. I realized how easy it would be to fit her products like her velvetines into my wardrobe and my planned style choices. After about an hour, I had a cart full of stuff. All of it I was ready to check out but I wasn’t sure how to begin to work the site. I’m not a totally technical person. Like Doe Deere, I’m very much an artist. I see the world through bright color as much as she does. I couldn’t quite get it to work so I emailed a few people on the site. I was so pleased to get a nearly instant reply. She was so nice and helpful. I asked her about the kind of ways I could use the site so that I could buy what I wanted from it in the future.

Her Help

She was so helpful to me personally when I was trying to figure out her site. I’ve run into people in the makeup community a lot because I am always trying out new ideas. She’s one of the nicest and most professional people I’ve ever run into when I was on a site. I was pleased at her ability to help me. I’m going to come back to the site again and again. She clearly has the ability to connect to customers directly. This is a wonderful quality that really helps people find what they need at Lime Crime.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who has also had some experience in rising through the ranks in a larger corporation. Formerly the president of American Eagle McGalla is no stranger to hard work. A great deal of her success can be attributed to the mindset she developed growing up.

Being the only sister to two brothers and a father who was a football coach left the young McGalla growing up in a decidedly masculine atmosphere. However, she was never cut any slack due to her gender whether that be roughhousing with her brothers or trying to speak her mind to the family. This egalitarian treatment made her realize that no matter if she was a man or a woman she would have to speak with confidence to be heard. More than that she could not be intimidated to go for what she wanted simply because someone else thought it too difficult or even impossible.

After graduating, according to ireport.cnn, McGalla attended Mount Union where she studied business and marketing. She received her first job out of college at the Joseph Home Company where she served in a variety of roles for the next eight years. however, her career did not truly begin until she started working for American Eagle.

At the time many would have thought it foolish, or even impossible for a young woman to think that she could climb the ranks at such a male dominated company. When McGalla first started there were exactly zero women on the board or the executive team, but the determine professional sought out to change that.

Due to her excellent performance, hard work, and great ideas McGalla quickly began rising through the ranks. It did not take long until she had moved from the divisional merchandiser for women’s clothing to the president and chief merchandising officer of the company’s flagship store. As she ascended the ranks she became part of a culture change where women were increasingly obtaining more and more power within the company to the point where everyone became equals. Gender mattered less and less and ideas were what was important.

McGalla fully disproved the naysayers when she became president and chief merchandising officer of the entire company. This left her in charge of $3 billion in annual revenue, four different brands, and an online store. During this time period she also helped release two new brands, aerie and 77kids.

Having reached the top it did not take long until the work-hungry McGalla began looking for new opportunities. She eventually set up her own consulting practice and currently does work for clients mainly in the retail and finance sectors. She provides services in areas including branding, marketing, and operational efficiencies. Thanks to her years of experience within the retail industry McGalla is now able to call her own shots at P3 Executive Consulting.