Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Dedicates the Company to Giving Back

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of the top video communications company Talk Fusion, but he remembers when he was just starting out. He is a philanthropist who Gives Back whenever he can.

Bob lives by the motto,“With great success comes greater responsibility,” and the 140 employees in Talk Fusion, located in Tampa, FL, say that he lives by the saying; he just wants to help people succeed and achieve their dreams.

According to Forbes, Bob Reina began Talk Fusion in 2004 when he couldn’t find a company to send his 10-second video email. He decided then that he could successfully create a video email, so he and his tech-savvy friend worked together and completed it three years later in 2007.

So Talk Fusion was born, and Reina has used this platform to help people for almost a decade. Reina has donated to an orphanage for several years, and last year, he gave a record one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society.

Mr. Reina is also committed to helping his staff reach their goals, so they will be more successful and their lives will be changed. Last year, Reina offered nonprofit organizations the All-in-One package, which consists of Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and the award-winning Video Chat for their businesses.

The way they were offered brought a spirit of giving to all who were involved. Reina let the employees choose their favorite nonprofit to receive the package. This created a giving spirit on both sides of the donation because the employee got to experience the nature of giving, and the nonprofit received the product.

Bob says that this type of giving is in the company’s DNA, and he motivates others to be involved in this attitude also. The main goal of Reina is to help as many charities and nonprofits around the world as Talk Fusion increases.

He has devoted himself to Giving Back and helping people reach their goals. This is also how Talk Fusion does business within the netwroking system that Reina has developed. Bob is uniquely interested in how Talk Fusion has changed their life.