The Future of Talos Energy

One of the top oil and gas companies in America is known as Talos Energy. This particular company is an oil producing juggernaut. The company takes offshore drilling to whole new level, but many of its best moves come from the boardroom. The huge success of Talos Energy comes via its cohesive team. These individuals put their heads together to come up with the best possible solutions for the company. Long-term success is much better that short-term riches. Natural resources are extremely valuable, and they can be a fundamental source of energy for decades to come. Having control of a region that’s loaded with natural resources can be a bit tricky as everyone seems to want a piece of the pie.

This is where Tim Duncan comes into the frame, and this man has done some amazing things throughout his time in the oil and gas industry. Duncan just so happens to be the chief executive officer of Talos Energy. This phenomenal man is a brilliant-thinker as well as a business-savvy board member. When Hurricane Rita destroyed the money-building effects of the Phoenix Oil platform in 2005, Duncan put his progressive way of thinking into motion. This man played a tremendous role in acquiring the capsized platform from Phoenix Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation. By taking control of the platform and by working with its damaged structure, the Phoenix Oil platform would soon become Talos Energy’s biggest asset. This industry is full of risks that most other oil and gas professionals would never take and this is why Tim Duncan is so special.

Talos Energy is looking for bigger and better things in 2018. The company has a number of projects in the making, including the Zama well project that’s off the immediate coast of Mexico. If all goes well, this project could create a positive cash flow of epic proportions.

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