Greg Aziz Involvement in National Steel Car Company

National Steel Car is the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. The company boasts over a hundred years of experience in the manufacturing world. Additionally, the company’s dynamic and innovative moves has enabled it achieve success over the years. Further, the company works on constantly challenging themselves while persistently raising the bar. With a deep sense of purpose, the company is true to its values and works on overseeing its set goals. For this reason, the company is well known to its customers in the production of high quality materials. Due to their quality workmanship, the company was honored with the annual TTX SECO award.


National Steel Car’s ability to focus on their strengths brought an unmatched game plan in the rail industry. However, the company’s past achievements do not prohibit in their relentless pursuit of excellence. They continue their good work to ensure they retain their spot as the leading railcar manufacturer in North America. Through several of their sale stores, National Steel Car offers its services to both international and local clients.


The company began its manufacturing in the year 1912 just as any other Canadian company. However, its launching was timely, which led them to registering the highest rolling stock order in the first year from orders received from the Canadian Pacific Railway. Consequently, the company received multiple orders from other similar organizations. National Steel Car Limited continued to boom until its depreciation in the year 1930s. During the depreciation, the company declined in terms of diversity as compared to their competitors.


Due to the company’s huge decline in productivity, it turned to the production of motor trucks, motor boats, and bus bodies. By the year 1990, the company was giving up on their fight for superiority ad therefore decided to place it on sale. Four years later, the owner of Hamilton Corporation, Greg Aziz, purchased National Steel Car. By the year 2000, Aziz had increased the company’s workforce from 500 to 3000 employees. As a result, its production capacity also increased from 3,500 to 12,000 annually. Visit This Page.


About Greg Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is the chairman, CEO, and president of National Steel Car. James Aziz was born in the year 1949. In his work as an investment banker in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Greg was able to organize and purchase National Steel Car Company from Dofasco in the year 1994. Gregory J Aziz aim in purchasing the company was mainly to transform the company back to its previous state.


With a good record of accomplishment of the company’s performance, Greg emphasized on the company’s strong capabilities and therefore decided to invest on its upgrade. Luckily, two years later the company increased its production levels. Thanks to James Aziz National Steel Car is the world leading rail road manufacturer in the world.

Jason Hope Explains Why Internet Of Things Will Define The Future

Technology across the world has helped to transform life by offering easier and highly effective ways of pursuing problems. The growth of internet usage has allowed innovation to take place targeting this space, thereby leading to the development of new and superior technologies.

One among the few technologies that came through the development of the internet is internet of things, which has supported the connection between people and their environment. Jason Hope, a successful technologist and entrepreneur, has also been keenly observing the growth of technology, particularly internet of things.


In an article that he sought to analyze the new trend, Jason Hope explains that internet of things will shape the way people interact with their environment and will allow better access to important services like security. Internet of things is important in many ways and is already in use in several specialties. Homes can now be modified to include security gadgets that are connected via the internet to remote devices that can be used to control different parameters. This can also be done to things like lighting to allow homeowners to communicate with their homes while controlling parameters like heating and lighting.

Jason Hope on entrepreneurship
Jason Hope believes in the development of businesses and entities that can grow to employ many people. His ideas have included supporting rising entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals with ideas that can be turned into businesses. Through his incubation program, he has been offering upcoming entrepreneurs a platform where they can nurture their ideas.

Additionally, Jason Hope supports various communities that are marginalized and incapable of handling their problems. He has been working with philanthropic foundations from the U.S. to support financially and socially disadvantaged communities. Jason Hope believes in building an environment where the needy can pursue their capabilities to stir growth and development.

Talk Fusion Wins New Award For Innovative Video Chat

One day in 2004 Bob Reina tried to send a video via email to his wife but was unable to due to the limitation in software. This led him to found eventually Talk Fusion, a company that prides itself in providing top notch video sharing products and services.


The company was founded on the idea that sharing videos help individuals and business communicate more effectively with each other. Now more than a decade after that failed email, Bob Reina’s company is collecting several awards for its innovative video chat platform.


The most recent reward that Talk Fusion has received is the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award, which was awarded to the company on August 15th. The award is given out every year to companies that “represent the best-of-the-best [communication] products and solutions available on the market today.”


It is the second award that the firm has received from Technology Media Corporation, a leader in the communications industry, and serves as a testament to the popularity and success of its communication platform.


Innovative Video Chat


Talk Fusion’s innovative video chat platform has garnered it several awards this year alone and represents a major step in communication between individuals and businesses.


Through the company’ s video chat app, which can be found on both Apple and Google’s app stores, individuals can video chat with anyone anywhere on any device. The software can connect any phone, tablet, computer with each other, regardless of model or operating system.


Bob Reina


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, who took care of the technological side of the company. Reina used his marketing experience to sell their flagship video email product and is chiefly responsible for developing the companies innovative sales structure.


Reina is also a very avid philanthropist and tries to incorporate philanthropy into his business and personal life. On his free time, he supports non-profits that help animals and enjoys bringing pets to the office.

Securus Technologies Releases 3.1 Version of THREADS With Big Data Capabilities

Securus Technologies has released THREADS 3.1 which is the most advanced THREADS so far with and integrated with “Big Data” analytical tool. Securus is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for purposes of corrections, investigations, public safety and monitoring. The redesign of the THREADS to 3.1 version has upgraded the user interface (UI) to the latest web-based technologies which preserve the same powerful analysis which clients are used to. Full story on PR Newswire.


Currently, Securus has hundreds of engineers, patents, technologists, designers and creative thinkers who all commit themselves to innovative solutions. Securus Technologies undertakes to maintain its role as the best provider of high-tech software solutions, and the technology is second to none. Most product and services offered by the company are of the highest quality possible that provides clients with the best economics for the customers and maintaining the best customer service in the industry.


Securus Technologies delivers on both connecting the facility personnel to critical information and connecting family and friends to those incarcerated. Other roles include connecting the emergency dispatchers and responders to those in need, helping the investigators conduct their investigation and providing emergency response, verification, information management, communication and inmate self-service. The company has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, and it serves more than 3,400 public safety agencies, correctional agencies, and law enforcement agencies.

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With the recent upgrade, the 3.1 version of THREADS will update the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. This upgrade will allow better direct integration between the Secure Call Platform (SCP) and the Securus Products. In general, the 3.1 version of THREADS is easier to use and has enhanced performance for the systems. According to Kelly Solid, The General Manager of Business Management for Securus, the redesign has streamlined the user interface, enhanced navigation and eliminated system actions especially the record loading and search function.


According to Solid’s statement on, an easier-to-use interface is a significant milestone to the investigators because they can be more proactive in their work. In fact, Securus has taken the time to develop an upgrade of THREADS that requires a little training but providing actionable intelligence and factual leads to the investigator. Other key new features with the latest version of THREADS include context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, and customized mapping and printing. Solid also described THREADS as a gold standard investigative solution for many security operations and keeping inmates connected their families. It is no doubt that the latest upgrade of THREADS 3.1 is a solution to the platinum level, and Securus is upgrading its existing clients for free.
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Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant’s Brilliant Meshing

Coriant, a network system provider and developer, has announced that Shaygan Kheradpir is the newest member of their executive team, serving as the chief executive officer. Mr. Kheradpir is currently replacing Mr. Pat DiPietro as the CEO, which came about after Coriant as a group started to look for someone who could take Coriant in the direction they wanted. Luckily they made the great decision of hiring Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir, a man with more than thirty years of relevant work experience in the technological sector.

One can learn more about Shaygan Kheradpir’s recent landing at Coriant and some of Coriant’s background by reading here

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in 1960 in London, the United Kingdom, and then moved to Iran to grow up and complete school. Kheradpir knew that many people went to the United States as a result of the brain drain, and decided to hop on board with the brain drain, being accepted by Cornell University in their engineering school. Kheradpir realized engineering had been in demand in the past few years, and prospects for engineering looked very good for the coming future. Shaygan Kheradpir made an excellent career choice by opting for learning about electrical engineering. Kheradpir would not have contributed as much to companies he has worked for without this degree.

Coriant was founded in 2013 as a merger between three of the largest tier 1 communication service providers. Coriant now serves nine out of the top ten tier 1 CSPs. Without Coriant, many of the one hundred businesses connected to Coriant would be forced to find replacement services, systems, and products.

Shaygan Kheradpir got his first job in the technological realm working for GTE Laboratories. It was not very long before GTE was scooped up by Bell Atlantic to create Verizon Communications, which still stands today as one of the leading internet and phone providers in the world. Without Mr. Kheradpir, Verizon would not be the company they are today. Mr. Kheradpir has also been a member of executive teams at Juniper Networks and Barclays.