Tony Petrello of Nabors Is An Excellent Role Model for Corporate Candidates

To most people who know who Tony Petrello is, leadership qualities best define him. From strutting the corporate world to landing an executive position at Nabors Industries, Tony is a household name the shapes the oil industry. Even if he does not fit into the shoes of celebrities who captivate televisions, Tony has made a name for himself in the business world. In the United States, Tony Petrello is identified as a man who has contributed to the states economy in many ways. He has played a significant role in shaping America.


In 2014, Tony was named among the highest paid chief executive officers. Earning $68.2 million at that time, he was one of the most admired figures in the oil industry. Through his input at Nabors Industries, Tony earned himself a spot in the list of the people who matter. His level of success has been admired and envied from different sectors of the world. Although it may seem like his journey has been an easy walk, only the few who know him personally understand his struggles as a toddler who grew up in a humble neighborhood. The honest man understands the importance of hard work in a world filled with resources like modern technology.

Humble Beginning

Petrello had a humble beginning. His story reflects the simple start of most entrepreneurs who aspire to achieve more. Brought up by strict parents, Petrello was subjected to a system that encouraged him to work hard. His parents were not rich. Unlike many Americans who enjoy impeccable education systems with technology and sumptuous meals, Petrello had to grow up in a humble background. His determination contributed to his eventual success. Growing up in Newark was not easy.


Petrello loved studying as a young boy. He wanted to be a leader and he understood that it does not come the easy way. He understood that leaders must strive to achieve the best. That is why he was studious, always borrowing books to be updated on the course work. Joining Yale University later in life, Petrello registered excellent performance. His was an impressive track record of excellent grades from the beginning. He was genius. The Newark community looked at him as a role model. Being a mathematician, Petrello landed executive roles in different sectors of the world’s job market. Presently, he is the head cheer leader at Nabors Industries. He is better placed for the position because aside from being a good leader, Tony is a team player. His works at Nabors boil down to the success of the firm.