If You Love Wine, Check out The Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard Guides are unsurprisingly big fans of Napa Valley and other well-known wine production areas. The flexible nature of the Guide positions allow for many opportunities to travel and on a recent trip to Napa, a group of Guides shared their favorite non-wine-related activities. From spa days to olive oil tastings, Traveling Vineyard Guides know how to scout out the best an area has to offer.

The Traveling Vineyard is a great way to earn extra money while you teach others about wine. This is not a high-stress wine tasting situation, the Wine Guides learn basic tasting notes and how to better appreciate wine in an unpretentious and fun atmosphere. In addition to learning simple tasting notes, the Guides will also become informed on which wines pair best with different kinds of foods. They will then use this knowledge to inform the participants of their wine tasting gatherings. This model allows the Guide to share fun facts and teach the participants ways to enrich their wine drinking experiences.

If you are a wine lover who is looking for an opportunity to earn some extra cash, Traveling Vineyard worth checking out. Their business model offers multiple income streams. The Guides teach a lot of wine lovers more about wine and help them to find a greater appreciation in their enjoyment of wine. The company believes in having a lot of fun and you can see how much fun is being had at the wine tastings on their social media platforms. Who doesn’t want to learn more about wine at some fun wine tastings?

Traveling Vineyards offers a great opportunity to their Guides and allows them to learn more about wines while they are teaching others. This company has a lot to offer in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that is a departure to most fine wine endeavors. The company can help you to earn money, qualify for all expenses paid trips and also receive discounts on wines and wine-themed accessories. This company has a lot to offer to wine lovers everywhere who want to learn more about wine tasting.

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