To Understand Economies Look To Flavio Maluf

Recently, Falvio Maluf went against the prevailing wisdom of other business analysts and predicted an economic rebound, way back in August of 2016. This was remarkable, at the time, because there was a general lull in most of the business sector. Maluf is not only a long-time entrepreneur in Brazil, he is also a business world academic to which wise people are quick to listen. Not only has he made similarly accurate economic predictions in the past, he has worked to mentor his clients to help them become good investors in their own right. His commitment to the new world of more sustainable living was put into action when he started a company to supply basic materials in a sustainable way and for sustainable living purposes.

When the leading sustainable materials company, Eucatex – founded by Flavio Maluf, started supplying construction companies and various product manufacturers, a new industry bloomed. Eucatex experienced a downturn in revenues by August, just as many other companies. However, Maluf calmly predicted a period of 6 months with a much better economy. The reality has closely matched his prediction. Now, finally, several other analysts have belatedly concluded that the next 6 months will be so rosy. The worry is always a return to the serious recession experienced in 2015.

When the Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) conducted surveys with Brazil’s business owners and managers, as part of their process to measure business metrics, 63 percent were showing good profit increases by the end of September, 2016. Over 1,120 leaders in Brazil’s industrial sector were queried. Brazilians rely on the ICI to give an accurate picture of the status of their local economy. And Brazil has the fifth-largest economy on the planet. Maluf saw early signs, that were officially confirmed when the ICI showed over a 2 percent increase by September, to a total of 88.8 points, across the whole market.