George Soros not involved in bankrolling John Kasich’s Campaign

George Soros is a man who has been involved in American politics for quite a while. He was not considered a large donor on until 2004 presidential election where he donated $23,581,000 to various political groups. In September 2012, he gave $1 million to the super PAC that was backing President Obama reelection. Recently, George Soros contributed $8 million in 2015 to the organizations supporting Hilary Clinton as the Democratic candidate. The first contribution was $2 million to two organizations and then an extra $6 million to the leading group, super PAC. Refer to

George Soros supports the democratic legal fight against restrictive voting laws put into law by Republican-controlled state governments. Soros is a born Hungarian investor who was first involved in the American politics on on a voter mobilization drive in 2004 presidential race. Soros has insisted on being “proud” of the legal battles against these unfair voting laws which often affect the most vulnerable people in the American society. Refer to

Almost all the political donations made by George Soros on, organizations supporting Democratic Party, and its ideologies have been the beneficiary. The recent ad claiming that George Soros is bankrolling John Kasich’s super PAC are baseless and without any relevant objective except to deceive voters. The television ads have been running in the state of Wisconsin ahead of the primary on April 5.

It is important to note that campaign finance rules are public and also donors must be public. If Soros would have to donate to organizations supporting political parties, he doesn’t have to hide it. If George Soros on bloomberg is involved in manipulating the Kasich’s campaign to discourage the political ambitions of other people, the list of donors for Kasich’s campaign can shed the light on the issue.

As it stands, donations to New Day for America PAC appear to come from two individuals linked to Soros. Stanley Druckmiller was formerly involved in managing assets for Soros between 1988 and 2000. He recently gave $450,000 to New Day for America. However, Druckmiller has never appeared in Soros donor history. Druckmiller has supported the Republican candidates and the Republican National Committee.

Scott Bessent is a former investment officer for Soros Fund Management. He is now running his hedge fund company including $2 billion seed money from Soros. The records from the Campaign Finance Report shows that he contributed $2,700 to Kasich directly and $200,000 to New Day for America. The truth of the matter is that candidates cannot contact the PACs or their donors which are the reasons there is a broad separation between the candidates and the super PACs backing them.

There is no record in the Campaign Finance Report showing that he indeed contributed to Kasich or any organization supporting him. Soros cannot be construed to be supporting Kasich just because his former employees support Republican candidates. Therefore, the claims are baseless and false. Refer to

Clinton Super PAC Given Major Backing By George Soros

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle is coming towards the end of the nomination section, but with the general election drawing closer both Republican and Democrat supporting groups are pushing for greater levels of support from major donors. One of the most famous and wealthiest donors on the Democrat side of the election is George Soros, who has taken a back seat in recent years during recent election campaigns. However in a report, a $6 million donation was just announced by the Hilary Clinton supporting Priorities USA Super PAC from George Soros to mark his return to the world of political funding, according to Politico.

George Soros was a major supporter of the John Kerry campaign in 2004 when he attempted to halt the path to a second Presidential term for George W. Bush; despite Kerry losing the election George Soros returned in 2008 and threw his support behind President Barrack Obama, but later revealed he regretted failing to back former Secretary of State Clinton in the same election cycle. The personal fortune of George Soros has reached more than $25 billion after developing his hedge fund for a number of decades, and has spent the last decade working on his philanthropic giving opportunities.

The Republican party has been given the backing of a number of major donors, such as the Koch brothers who are reported to be looking at donation levels of more than $1 billion for the eventual nominee to enjoy. George Soros has joined a number of other well known donors, such as Haim Saban in providing multi-million dollar donations to Super PAC’s supporting Hilary Clinton; Soros had already given two $1 million donations to Clinton supporting Super PAC’s when he made his latest $6 million donation to the Priorities USA groups. Priorities USA is one of the most important and best known Super PACs on the Democrat side of U.S. politics after it played an important role in the election of President Obama in 2012. Alongside the intense communications that have taken place between Soros and Priorities USA before his donation to the group, Hilary Clinton herself has had an open door policy for Soros in recent months as she gave the financial expert a glimpse into the policies the former First Lady will introduce as President of the U.S.

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