US Money Reserve Hosts Exclusive Invitation Conference On Crises And Gold

US Money Reserve announced just this month that they will be hosting an exclusive invitation-only conference in Austin, TX that they did not reveal the location of. It’s a time they chose to discuss with other numismatic leaders on the future of the economy and the importance of buying gold. Read more: US Mint Director | US Money Reserve

One of the feature points of this conference is a report that US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl plans to release on the current state of gold and silver. Diehl mentioned that headlines whether big or small affect the price of gold every day and he wants everyone to have the correct knowledge on purchasing the precious metals to guide them.

US Money Reserve has spent the last 16 years educating potential gold buyers on the protections that gold and silver has to offer. Some of the biggest threats to wealth they’ve mentioned in a new ebook they published not long ago include terrorism, cyber criminals, government policies, and trade wars.

US Money Reserve recommends everyone buy gold and silver in the right amounts for them to protect their money when hard times come because gold and silver have always retained significant value. US Money Reserve also has platinum bullion in its inventory and you can find all the inventory by visiting the website.

US Reserve’s president is none other than former US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl who is regarded as one of the top leaders to have held that office. Coming from a well-educated background with years of experience in public accounting, Diehl revolutionized the US Mint to have a more modern operation in the minting process, and to build an ecommerce website with a lot of information for customers.

Diehl has also explained why he favors a stop to minting the penny and was also one of the leaders in the minting of the American Eagle platinum coin.

US Money Reserve boasts of a great new website that now has an interactive overlay with compatibility for all kinds of devices from mobile tablets to regular laptops. Visitors can also see a live feed of the value of gold and the occurences in the stock market. You can also find other information on gold charts as well as a beginner’s guide to buying gold with a foreword from Diehl.

But US Money Reserve also makes sure to help customers who might have trouble through Client-Connect Advantage every step of the way during purchases and returns. To get a gold information kit, visit