Helane Morrison Is An Impressive Lady

Currently, Helane Morrison is the Managing Director and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners. She is also its Chief Compliance Officer. The company is based in San Francisco.


This is a highly successful investment company in California. A unique feature of this company is that it is run entirely by women only.


In 2007, Helane Morrison joined the firm. Before this, she was heading the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco office. This was from 1999 to 2007. There were a number of responsibilities that she was dealing with. These included securities law enforcement in addition to fraud litigation besides regulatory issues. She was handling these for Northern California besides five other states in the Northwest. From 1996 to 1999 she was heading enforcement at the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. She was representing the Commission to various other government agencies as well as to the news media.


She earned her B. S. Degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. This was in journalism. She got her J. D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law.


Helane Morrison passed the bar and started working as a law clerk. This was for Hon. Richard Posen. He was from the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District. She worked there from 1984 to 1985.


The reason why Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners is its diverse leadership culture. This is very different from anywhere else in the finance industry. She could also feel that investors were still not able to trust finance professionals across the country post the market crash of 2007- 2008.


This is a trait of Helane Morrison that has left an indelible imprint on me and several others. Her main aim at Hall Capital was to help restore this kind of confidence in the public’s mind. She opted for her current position as she felt that she would be able to do the most in order to accomplish her goals.


She has a career of justice. All her endeavors seam together endlessly. These range from journalism to working with the government. Another thing that I am impressed about is her consistent fight against all kinds of deceptive corporate crimes. She has always pushed herself to fight against corruption constantly.


Helane Morrison has an affinity only for those businesses which are based on upholding ethics. She is promoting upstanding values all the time on her personal as well as professional front.


Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women With Bumble Dating App

Sorry Guys, your argument that there are more single men than women in the dating world is invalid. Online dating demographics show that the majority of people participating in online dating are in fact female. Match.com reports that 55% of its members are female. Almost 70% of eHarmony users are women and Chemistry.com is the most female-dominated dating site with 72% of members being women.

Online dating has increased drastically over the last several years, with more than one-third of married couples in the United State having met online. Research even suggests that couples who met online are happier than couples who met through more conventional routes. More and more women want to venture into the world of online dating but find the whole process intimidating. The Bumble app solves that problem.

Founded by Whitney Wolfe, the Bumble app is the next generation of online dating. Bumble utilizes the swipe right format made popular by Tinder. The main difference between the two dating apps is that with Bumble, women are empowered. Once matches are made the woman always makes the first move. A common problem with online dating apps is harassment. Some people just can’t take no for an answer. Bumble found a solution. If a woman doesn’t respond to a connection within a day, the connection disappears forever.

While Bumble was developed with women in mind, it does not discriminate against same sex-couples. Both people in a same-sex connection are allowed to make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe developed Bumble with the hopes of correcting common complaints women have when interacting with men online. The 27-year-old CEO and founder of Bumble has experience where dating apps are concerned. In 2012 she co-founded Tinder. Ms. Wolfe left Tinder in 2014, amidst growing tensions with another executive, with a fresh outlook and the desire to create a dating community that empowered and encouraged women everywhere.

Whitney Wolfe has been featured in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. She was born and in Utah, received her early education in Paris, France, and attended college at Southern Methodist University.

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