Premium Dog Food Is Selling Enormously Well

Good news is coming from the sales figures of the pet food industry. Sales on premium brands are skyrocketing. 45% of the near-$24 billion per year pet food industry is comprised of premium selections. Pet owners – dog lovers in particular – are embracing foods made with choice cuts of meats and vegetables. They love their pets, and they want to be sure the diet fed to a cherished canine is filled with choice ingredients.

A recent Daily Herald article pulled the curtain away on the manufacturing of premium dog food. Those interested in learning more about premium brands will find the article interesting. After reading the text, it becomes fairly clear a tremendous amount of work goes into producing these gourmet selections.

Beneful, a brand sold and manufactured by Purina, offers some truly amazing selections. A lot of thought and work went into coming up with a host of Beneful wet food recipes. Chicken Stew with carrots, barley, peas, and rice definitely stands out as something special to customers. Premium selections have that effect on people.

Beneful’s dry, wet, and treat selections can be bought in a variety of top chain stores. No one has to travel to specialty shops in order to take acquire a “Roasted Turkey” dinner sale. Since Beneful is part of the Purina family, the brand’s distribution is strong.

Premium dog food brands are sure to continue to grow in popularity among pet owners. The brands are known for their excellent recipes, and that alone should continue to motivate big sales.

Pet owners who want to provide a balanced diet to their four-legged friends realize that standard wet and dry foods might not cut it. So, they are looking to upgrade their purchases on Walmart and buy premium dog foods. Retail stores are doing their best to meet these demands.

A great many of the top retail stores are interested in carrying premium varieties. Clearly, the management of the top retail chains are reacting to the booming sales figures. Pet owners should feel thrilled about the enthusiasm of the retail stores. They are making easier and more affordable access to the product.



Finding Truth In Yeonmi Parks Story

A story of harrowing courage that leads the plotline through many twists and turns. It is a story of survival. A story that has grabbed the attention and hearts of many. The problem is that many are questioning how true the story really is. Is it fabricated from the mind of a delusional girl grasping for attention, or is it a true story of courage and hope seeking out a better way of life?

Yeonmi Park comes from a family that is well associated with the North Korean government. Her father worked as a midlevel official and her mother worked as a nurse for the army. Yeonmi and her sister wanted for very little, and this is where some of ther skeptisism comes in to play.

Accusations reported by DailyMail began to fly and Yeonmi saw the unfortunate shooting of a family member accused of crimes against the state. This is when the family decided to flee the country in search of a better life. The issue is that Yeonmi’s sister stayed in North Korea. Many other family members stayed in North Korea. Only Yeonmi and her mother, and some time later her father, decided to flee.

Yeonmi speaks on The Reason of starvation, assaults and even the consideration of suicide because of the life she was forced to live. It is stated that scraps of food were hard to come by and she would have loved to have had even what Americans throw in the trash every day.

Embracing a new found concept of freedom she and her mother went on a years long quest simply to go to South Korea? This may be where people are becoming skeptical about her story. They went through a number of different regions and simply went back to Korea?

Pyongyang insists that Yeonmi and her family were spies for the American government. He has launched many different campaigns in order to try to discredit her accounts of the conditions in North Korea. There are millions of refugees from North Korea. They have all stated that the conditions are horrendous within the confines of the country. Whether or not Yeonmi Parks is telling the truth does not change millions of other recounts.


Mother Dogs Love Beneful

Your best friend is beginning to get some age on him. He has gray in his muzzle and streaks of gray in his coat. Each time you call him, he is slow to stand and walk. He always wags his tail but he acts like he hurts to move. Maybe your best friend is beginning to suffer from arthritis pain in his joints. How can you make the pain go away? I was reading an article in the Daily Herald that states they are making new dog foods for older dogs. The older dog foods will give your best friend the recipe he needs to help him metabolize his foods better for better digestion and energy. Food breaks down into energy. Sugar and starches in the food may leave your dog sluggish. Bright Minds by Purina is a food for senior dogs. The article,, give all the information you will need to learn about this older dog food product.

Beneful has Healthy Weight and Playful Life dog foods that are great for older dogs. The playful life will help your pet have more energy. It helps him metabolize his food better to give him the healthy energy he needs to keep up with you. A healthy weight is a food that helps your dog lose weight and still get the nutrition he deserves. Playful Life is full of meat protein such as egg and beef. Your dog will love the taste of blueberries and corn. All the flavors in crunchy and chewy chunks are what your dog will crave.

I had a dog that had 9 puppies. She was very skinny when we adopted her. We bought her Beneful and she began to gain weight. Her appetite was good and she was such a great mama. Her puppies grew up very healthy and she gained enough weight to look healthy. Her coat is shiny and silky. Her bones and teeth are strong. Beneful is a wonderful dog food on Purinastore for a dog that has puppies. Buy this dog food for your dog if she is feeding puppies like my dog was. Beneful gives her the nutrition she needs to feed all those puppies.



Makeup and Power

It’s not a large secret that in America, almost any woman who cares what society thinks of her knows how to use the following: hair curler, eye shadow, blusher, foundation, straightener, eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, lip liner, lip gloss, and the works. Make up has a certain power, and when someone decides to dump it for a year, there’s a lot that happens.

Trans-women are particularly caught in this trap of needing to wear – or feeling like they need to wear – make up to be accepted as a woman. Blogger Jon Urbana wrote an article revealing that Meredith Talusan, a Buzzfeed reporter, was in that very predicament. She decided to give up make up for the entire duration of the year 2015.

As a trans-woman, she had found that make up gave her a sort of high. Men would open doors for her. She might get a discount at a clothing store. Coffee baristas would make sure she got her coffee quickly. Others would call her beautiful, fabulous, and compliment her lips and cheekbones.

Then she stopped wearing make up. The compliments came less often. Her high went away. However, she found that without having to worry about how she looked, she was able to be much more productive at work. It was her hard work that got her to where she was – not her looks.

So, when she went on television for the first time in 2016, she pinched her cheeks and licked her lips instead of using the array of makeup.

Can CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Help Coriant Renew Its Image?

Coriant has been in the network management business for quite a long time, and their business is based entirely on the sale of media through their networks. Their networks cover a large part of the globe, but the company does not use their networks to their own advantage. That will change as new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir takes the helm of the company. This article explains what Shaygan will do to change Coriant from a background player to the leader in mobile technology sales.

#1: What Will Shaygan Do?

Shaygan Kheradpir is a three-time graduate of Cornell University with degrees in engineering. It is rare for a doctoral-level engineer to find himself in executive management, but Shaygan has a long track record of working in management. He began in design with GTE Labs, and he transitioned to Verizon where he is responsible for most of their groundbreaking phones. Shaygan will help Coriant make its own products.

#2: Shaygan Is Relevant

Shaygan Kheradpir has worked in the highest levels of Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. He understands the business side of technology better than most, and he willing to bring his expertise to a company that needs both technical and business experience in the CEO’s chair. Coriant will only progress if they are able to produce their own devices, begin a new service and do so with as little overhead as possible.

#3: Coriant Wants To Compete Right Away

Coriant’s desire to compete with the largest providers in the world has pushed it to move quickly with its plans. Shaygan was able to create new device prototypes at Verizon in 30 days, and he hopes to speed up production within Coriant as their company changes to a provider. The new network from Coriant will have the best phones, the best coverage and a company capable of backing it effectively.

Shaygan Kheradpir came to Coriant as the CEO at a time when the company needed a technical expert. Shaygan’s doctorate in engineering more than qualifies him to help with production, and his business experience makes him ready to lead the company into the future.

Beneful better than the trends

Nutrition, health, and wellness are three priorities that anyone can agree are of crucial importance when feeding their family. Most people also consider their pets to be part of the family. Who hasn’t looked at the family pet and thought they were more human than not? The fact is; different species require different nutrition. If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family, you want an organic diet for Fido. Purina is the first certified organic producer of dry and wet dog food made without artificial flavors and colors. While the eat-like-your-owner strategy works to an extent, it doesn’t account for the fact that Fido is still a different species. Just like your doctor may recommend a change in your diet for your specific needs, Fido’s vet knows what’s nutritionally best for him. Due to age, Fido’s metabolism can change just like his owners’. In today’s nutrition conscious world there are many ways of attending to these changes. Purina offers Bright Minds, a recipe made with a type of fat sourced from coconut oil that the research indicates is easier for older dogs to metabolize. According to a recent article in The Herald ( feeding your dog like the rest of the family is the latest trend. Companies such as fresh pet and milo’s kitchen have seen surges in profits just for catering to this trend. However, truly innovative companies have instead researched what is healthier for a dog’s metabolism. Companies like Purina, makers of Beneful, do use fresh healthy ingredients like corn, chicken and rice, but they also include ingredients like glucosamine and soy which has been shown to help a dog have healthier years for longer. Behind the highest quality dog foods out there is solid research and committed individuals, however there are also standards. The FDA, the USDA, and the AAFCO have requirements concerning food safety and ingredients. Not only does Purina’s Beneful meet or exceed every requirement, Purina’s quality control and safety protocols include comprehensive food safety and ingredient surveillance programs. They test for well over 150 substances, including mycotoxins, lead and arsenic. This kind of ingredient monitoring goes well beyond the efforts of any other brand on the market. So many households now incorporate a farm-to-table element in their diets. But for dogs, there are evolutionary differences that require their diets aren’t just people food. Thankfully there are people who spent years studying canine metabolism and Purina employs several of them, spending billions of dollars in research and development. Dedicated pet owners with degrees in canine nutrition, are the people who have dedicated their lives to understanding what should and should not be Purina’s Beneful. Beyond just an innovator in the $23.04 billion pet-food industry, Purina takes the health and well being of dogs personally. After all, like Purina says on their website: “the best nutrition is personalized.”

The Importance Of Your Golden Years

Spending the last of your golden years in an assisted living facility doesn’t exactly seem ideal to most, however these facilities are often needed despite their less than welcoming reputation. Most assisted living communities will come as a pleasant surprise and have a general standard of services offered to their residents such as laundry, transportation, and medical staff available at all times. For those who reside or plan on living in California The Manse on Marsh is an award winning premier assisted or independent living facility that offers superior care to its residents.

Manse on Marsh strives to create a new reputation for the term ‘old folks home’ by tarnishing the old stigma and bringing light to the high quality of life assisted living facilities can offer. Owner Chris Skiff has had a long standing career in senior care starting right after he graduated college. By the age of twenty-three Skiff had a hand in developing affordable apartments for seniors, and since then he has helped developed over twenty communities for seniors. His expertise and passion for ensuring a healthy and happy life for seniors has made Manse on Marsh a stand out facility and offers both independent and assisted living, and a wealth of activities.

Independence is something many seniors don’t want to give up, and its an understandable stance which is why Manse on Marsh offers assistance depending on what the resident asks for, a major high point in’s reviews. Their highly trained staff members are available around the clock as well medication technicians. Since discretion is a high priority each resident is given a pendant they may use to call for help at any time in addition to the five ‘check ins’ given to every resident regardless of their additional care. This way every resident can address any issues, ensure their laundry is done, beds are made, and they have their three daily meal tickets given to them before they head out for the day. For those who require no added assistance Manse on Marsh offers homes and cottages adjacent to the studio and one bedroom apartments so residents can have their privacy separate from the community if they wish.

Truth be told most people imagine ‘old folks home’ to have a dining hall resembling a hospital cafeteria, but Manse on Marsh offers an actual bistro with professional chefs and the option to dine outside in the sun or under the skylights. Walks, bible study, shopping outings, even jazzercise classes are offered daily to residents as well as a variety of other even paced activities. Needing assistance during your later years doesn’t mean your quality of life is finished, and with places like Manse on Marsh you can continue thriving well after the kids are grown and you’ve retired.  Check out the blog to keep reading about these types of issues.

Investor George Soros Foresees 2016 Market Crisis

Progressive philanthropist and successful investor George Soros has expressed a grave forecast for the 2016 global market, a Bloomberg Business article reports. Namely, China’s stock market crash of last summer, along with its recent currency devaluation, has Soros and other economists worldwide anxious about the year to come.

For the larger half of a century, China has made unprecedented economic advancement, making it today’s second largest economy. However, market analysts have begun to question the longevity of the East’s economic powerhouse, as CNBC reports, following numerous trade freezes within the first week of January. Soros believes that “China is struggling to find a new growth model,” as he stated to a Sri Lankan economic forum January 7th. From what he has seen so far, Soros fears that we may be approaching an economic crisis on par with 2008’s market fiasco.

As of January 1st, China has incorporated the addition of circuit breakers, or trading curbs, into its trade regulations. That is, in the event that the CSI 300 should fall by five percent, foreign trade is halted for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Should it proceed to fall by seven percent, trade for the entire day is frozen. On the day that Soros issued his commentary, the circuit breaker had been triggered a mere thirty minutes into the business day. Given China’s global influence as a market superpower, the repercussions were felt all throughout the global market.

Daily Mail says oil prices fell dramatically; the Dow Jones Industrial Index plummeted to lows unseen within the past three months; London reports the most disappointing opening-year week since the year 1988. Even more alarmingly, this was not the first meltdown of the Chinese market within that same week.

The global market is making a transition back to positive interest rates, and Soros proposes that this shift is partially what is responsible for economic instability in developing countries. Overall, he cites the situation as indicative of a “serious challenge,” one which has striking similarities to the financial crisis experienced in 2008.

China’s governing power, fortunately, has begun seeking solutions to its upending economic downturn. By the year 2020, China hopes to improve the yuan’s convertibility. An official statement released by China claims that the country may even be dismantling the establishment of the circuit breaker altogether, replacing it with more lucrative regulations. Whatever the case, it may be that only time can determine the outcome of this year’s market. Already, Chinese banks have slashed interest rates to unseen lows, and the Chinese government has poured billions in financial funds into stimulating the economy.

Visit the site to know more about George Soros.

As a general precaution, Soros encourages investors to be “very cautious” as we weather through this stormy economic climate.

Unlimited Data Plans and FreedomPop

Is unlimited data on the way back to a market that is already full of empty promises? there are so many companies that are offering unlimited data plans that are charging too much for everything else to recoup the loss. companies such as AT&T are hoping to recoup the charges for unlimited data by charging to bundle with direct tv. Atlantic telephone is in the midst of something that may or may not work. companies such as Verizon and AT&T use to have unlimited data plans but they put a stop to these in 2010 or so. Now, if you bundle with cable or direct tv, you can enjoy the unlimited data for a time. Last year, the prices per line increased so having this unlimited data for a time may not be worth the hassle.

Companies such as FreedomPop are already offering free internet hotspot and free 500 MB of LGT data when you activate a FreedomPop device. You can share data with someone or keep it all for yourself. The friends at FreedomPop will sell you a device to get the free service on or you can check one you already have to see if they can use the phone on FreedomPop.

Imagine how wonderful it will be when you never have to worry about paying phone service again. Paying off the FreedomPop phone means freedom from paying for phone service. FreedomPop offers low cost services and free services. Freedom pop gives you the opportunity to earn free data, free broadband every month, to get faster downloads with 4G and have no contracts. You can cancel at any time. Other companies tell you one thing but do something else.

Cell and internet companies depend on their monthly service customers to stay alive. The more they charge their customers, the better they do in the bottom line. People that have more than one line do not always receive discounts on service. The real crime is the promises made from these larger companies, just to get you on their service plans. Pay attention to the small print. Make sure you know what you are paying for before you sign on the dotted line. FreedomPop can give you good service, 4G service, access to several towers and good reception. Freedom pop offers services of free internet service and free phone service. Check out the features and plans available.

Go Fund Research: Autism Rocks

In 2014, Autism Rocks nabbed the legendary, world-famous artist Prince as the main attraction of their invite-only charity concert. The foundation, dedicated to raising funds to support autism research, has been growing ever since. With no shortage of A-list celebrities willing to perform in these shows (think Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble), Autism Rocks is changing the fundraising game.
Founder Sanjay Shah started out as a banker. He gained 20 years of experience with Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank until 2008 when he found himself unemployed and in need of a new direction. Using what he had learned in his career, Shah began his own company, called Solo Capital. It wasn’t long before Solo Capital made Shah a multi-millionaire, and put him in a prime position to contribute to autism research.
Sanjay Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism in 2011. After hearing the news, Shah approached Dubai Autism Centre and bought them vehicles to be used to transports patients. This, however, was not enough, and led Sanjay to create Autism Rocks. His desire to combat the disease goes beyond funding treatment centers; Shah wants to focus his contributions to researching and understanding autism. The end goal of this research is not a cure. Instead, Shah wants the world to have a deeper understanding of how autistic children and adults (like Nikhil) think and interact with others in the world.
Autism Rocks was in fact inspired by a visit by recording artist Snoop Dogg to Shah’s home. A man with excellent business acumen and an eye for marketing, Shah realized concerts were the perfect place to promote autism research. It’s success has been undeniable, and Shah looks forward to increased growth in the coming years.

The Go Fund Me campaign Shah has erected helps support his efforts to promote and put on the concerts for Autism Rocks. He wants to raise awareness of the research, and keep the concerts an event that celebrities continue to want to be involved with.

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