Michael Hagele Explains How AI Is Making Improvements For Nonprofits

Michael Hagele is a lawyer who specializes in the technology industry. He started out working for a few different tech companies as a general counsel but transitioned to now being an outside general counsel. The type of technology companies he provides his services to are those in biotechnology, aerospace, defense, and internet. He also invests money in startup tech companies. Additionally, he has invested in and founded some companies in both the hospitality and restaurant industries.

He offers a number of legal services to the companies he works with. This can include creating development agreements and licensing distribution agreements. He can also negotiate, draft, and close various legal documents. He can handle the legal details when it comes to intellectual property rights, including buying and selling them, and review both promotional and marketing legal documents. Follow Michael Hagele at tumblr.com

Michael Hagele says that a smaller legal firm like his can help technology companies save money and have high-quality work done for them. He says that his workdays involve reviewing or writing a lot of legal documents, typically contracts or technology licensing agreements his client wants to enter into. He has added that in order to keep his mind fresh he will usually take off in the afternoon to ride one of his bikes either on a road or down a mountain. He added that it was during these breaks that he often came up with his most creative ideas for the clients of his legal firm.

Themost exciting trend in technology for Michael Hagele is artificial intelligence. It is being applied to more and more things and making them much more efficient. One of his clients, for example, created an application using artificial intelligence which is now being used by a number of nonprofits. They are using this application to boost productivity so that they can make their dollars stretch farther. He says the AI algorithms used in this application can harvest data to create actionable information that really wouldn’t be possible having a person do, or even a team. The information can than be used to explain why a program should be expanded or show ways that costs can be reduced. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:http://michaelhagele.com/


Agora Financial Shares Ten Different Ways To Invest Well

Those who are looking to prepare for their future and make sure that they are set up with the money that they need to live as time goes on can rely on the advice that Agora Financial has to share. This company has shared ten different tips for investing that can help a person get set up for the future. This company is known for sharing predictions that are bold but that are often correct, and those who choose to follow the advice of this company can find success.

One of the things that Agora Financial suggests that a person do is to learn the basics of investing. They recommend that a person learn the basics of what investing looks like and how it should be done even if that person is going to rely on help from professionals to actually get any investing work done. This company also recommends that a person set both short and long term goals for their finances. These goals can be related to the kind of home that a person wants to have or other personal things that they would like to have take place.

Agora Financial believes that a person should spend time studying both short and long term investments so that they know which ones make the most sense and will fit the best with their finances and their goals. They also believe that a person should keep a safety margin as they are doing any kind of investing. Being self aware is another thing that they believe can be helpful to an investor.

Volatility happens, and Agora Financial believes that an investor should not only expect it but they should find a way to profit from it. They believe that an investor should only make purchases when prices are sensible. They believe that every person should make a life plan that will help them to feel rewarded and happy when they find success. They also believe that a person should review their portfolio regularly and carefully watch over their investments. Agora Financial offers unbiased and expert advice to investors. They explore controversial issues and they share real advice with investors. They are a company to be followed.

Lavin Sheldon Flourishes OSI Group through Exemplary Leadership

The success of the world top CEO’s, honored globally, is attained through a collaborative effort. In addition to working with like-minded individuals to knitting one’s heart to the workers and build a culture of oneness, Sheldon Lavin has successfully illustrated the need for teamwork in business.

A Look at His Career

Sheldon Lavin has devoted 43 years of his career life to OSI Group, a renowned Industry for meat provision in which he is the current CEO and the chairperson. Mr. Lavin, a vehement laborer, began to engage his efforts more actively in the company at the opportune time when the company needed to expand.

Sheldon Lavin Faithful Career

Sheldon Lavin began as a consultant for the OSI group, He then partnered with the company in 1975 which bore an expansion into other continents. The ambitious investor, in 1980, dominated the group after purchasing a controlling interest. Consequently, he pioneered the introduction of a culture to make the company a family to the employee globally which has ensured the retention of many workers for an extended period of time. To date, Lavin Sheldon has led the company through a transformation to be a reliable world-class supplier. Moreover, the company is equipped with about 80 facilities in 17 countries and employing 20,000 people. Prior to being the CEO, he was in the finance department.

Mr. Lavin Sheldon Gets Awards

The excellent leader has won several awards not only for himself but also for the company. To begin with, in 2016, they took home UK’s Food Solutions award which enhanced their recognition internationally. Even better, he bagged the Visionary Award 2016, for having actualized good dreams. Sheldon Lavin, for leadership, exemplary received more awards which include; Sheba Foundation’s President & Director, McDonald Charities Trustee. He also served faithfully as a University Board member Rush MC, as well as in the Board of a Theatre known as Goodman.

The Overview of Leadership

The American expert meet processor who has acquired a global expansion for the OSI Group is a Trustee to a university RMC is not only known for career success but also a humanitarian in the USA. Mr. Lavin Sheldon is a professional financier following a 15-year experience of practicing finance after school. He is a graduate of big universities, North Western, Illinois Universities and Roosevelt with BSc in the area of Business. OSI also, in 2006, acquired a poultry company in America identified as Amick Farms in which Lavin Sheldon was a chairman.

Read More: www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824

Rodrigo Terpins and His Family

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned Brazilian race car driver who inherited his passion for competitive sports from his father, Jack Terpins. During the 60s and 70s Jack, famously known as Jackao, played basketball for Hebraica. After his time in basketball, he went on to become a very successful real estate investor and president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. He raised his sons, Rodrigo and Michel, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins has been a mentor in the world of car racing to his younger brother since 2002. And Michel has since become debatably even a more famous and successful racer.


Both brothers always have a huge presence at the yearly Sertoes Rally and are the co-founders of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel first began competition at the Sertoes Rally in 2002 by competing in the motorcycle category. However, shortly after he started, he began race car driving with Rodrigo. For the past three rallies, the brothers have ridden with separate driving partners. During 2017’s 25th edition, Rodrigo drove with Fabricio Manchiana while Michel drove with Sves Von Borries. Both of the brothers are happily married and have several children. Check out odiario.com for more info.



They take their chosen sport extremely seriously which accounts for their enormous success. Car racing is not the only place Rodrigo has found great success. Like his father, he has become an enormously profitable businessman. He was formally trained in management and corporate governance at Saint Hilaire. The successful Terpins heritage is not surprising if you know the family. They are a clan characterized by perseverance, hard work, and passion in everything they do. For more information about the Bull Sertoes Team visit their Facebook profile @bullsertoesrallyteam. For further details about the Terpins brothers visit www.terpins.com.br, www.michelterpins.com.br, or www.rodrigoterpins.com.br. The brothers also have private accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Linked.

Susan McGalla Say More Women Are Needed In Corporate America

Susan McGalla has always been a fighter. When she became one of the youngest female CEOs in history, no one was surprised. The Philadelphia native headed American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. And even though there were very few women in the boardroom during her tenure at either company, she never let that stop her from succeeding.

McGalla was always taught to never let her gender dictate her future. With her father a coach and growing up with two older brothers, she was always pushed to her full potential.

When speaking at seminars about women in the workplace, McGalla makes a point of telling the audience that companies with gender diversity outperform other companies by 15%. The statistics are twice as high among ethnically diverse companies.

“Companies with diversity bring a multiple of perspectives to the table,” said McGalla.

According to McGalla, although women are making some strides, women who have reached the corporate level in Fortune 500 jobs make up a very small percentage.

She is doing what she can to help women break that glass ceiling. But she says women need more support. While there are a number of groups, networks and classes available to help women, the bottom line is women have to have the support of other women.

The problem is, there aren’t enough women in high places to help. Thankfully, the tide is turning, albeit slowly.

McGalla jumped right in to management right out of college. She began working for Joseph Horne, and soon worked her way into upper management. She moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. Within five years, she was named CEO.

McGalla attributes her rise to the boardroom to hard work and perseverance. She refused to allow herself to be intimidated and insisted that she be treated as an equal peer.

Wise words to women who may sometimes sell themselves short.

Today, McGalla runs her own company — P3 Executive Consulting. She and her team of consultants advises and helps retail businesses achieve success.

Meet Louis Chenevert; Former CEO and Chairman of UTC

Leading a big conglomerate like United Technologies Corporation is not easy. Many people have served at UTC, and no one has made a significant impact like Louis Chenevert. He joined UTC in 2006 and served until 2014 when he retired. He served in different capacities like the CEO, president, and even chairman. He has vast experience in production management. He has always worked hard, and that is why he had a very successful career. As a CEO and president of a multinational company, Chenevert was able to help the company develop game-changing products.

After higher education, Chenevert started his career at General Motors where he worked in different capacities. He worked at the company for around 14 years. Louis then moved to work at Pratt & Whitney which is one of the units of United Technologies Corporation. He helped the company come up with exceptional equipment in the aerospace industry. His determination to make an impact at the company was evident when the company became the sole supplier of F-35 engines. On top of that, he helped the unit employ highly skilled staff to remain competitive in the industry.

At UTC, Chenevert achieved so much. One of the most significant achievements is helping UTC acquire Goodrich Aerospace. This acquisition took him only one year to be sealed, and it cost UTC $18.4 billion. On top of that, he has been on the frontline to help the company to invest in advanced technology. The aerospace market is highly competitive, and every company has to stay ahead of competitors concerning embracing technology. Thus, UTC developed advanced equipment and engines in the sector.

Louis Chenevert was also instrumental in the development of the F135 engine. Under his leadership, UTC was able to remain competitive and take its rightful position in the aerospace industry. He achieved this by making sure that the company units employed skilled personnel. He also made sure that all the company units were well funded to run their operations. He retired in 2014 and left a legacy at United Technologies Corporation.


evin Seawright Is Turning The Tide Of Baltimore’s Housing

Kevin Seawright is a former Baltimore city administrator who now is working with the housing authority and other agencies with his new company, RPS Solutions Inc. What RPS Solutions is about is changing Baltimore neighborhoods to have more affordable housing for lower income consumers, and giving them access to safer neighborhoods across the city. Seawright said that he felt the market could be intimidating for many first-time buyers, and that RPS Solutions would work closely with their financial situations to help them get housing that would fit their needs. Jerel Brown, a man who was formerly mentored by Seawright as a youth was able to buy his first house thanks to Seawright’s renovated home buying program at RPS Solutions.

Kevin Seawright holds many certifications including being a certified public accountant and also holding an executive leadership degree from the Notre Dame University Mendoza Business School. His accounting practice has included managing both public and private funds as well as overseeing public construction projects and being on urban planning committees. He began his professional accounting and administrative career in various Baltimore city departments including the parks and recreation and public schools, and was eventually promoted to Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the city. Besides managing the budget and making enough cuts to get a surplus in funds, Seawright also brought effective administrative software into the mayoral office known as CitiStat which helped the finance committees prioritize on departmental needs. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

Prior to founding RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright was the financial director for Tito Contractors, a privately-owned construction company that manages housing and commercial developments across Washington D.C. Seawright managed both the company budget and human capital resources. From there Seawright became Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation which works closely with Newark city officials and private contractors to produce real estate and economic growth strategies. Seawright oversaw various fundraising events and also reached out to community spokespeople prior to returning to Baltimore in 2015. Along with his real estate investments, Seawright also once served as a campaign manager with KLS Political Services, a team that supported former Baltimore mayoral candidate Otis T. Rolley. Read more: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Increasing-Baltimore-Homeownership-is-Goal-of-RPS-Solutions-New-Partnership-with-National-Community-Stabilization-Trust-1002309082


OSI Industries Has Announced Several Big Expansion Efforts In Recent Years:

OSI Industries is the world leader in creative, custom food solutions to the foodservice and retail sectors. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, near Chicago. OSI’s Chicagoland homefront was the location of some big news that the company recently announced. OSI has purchased and re-opened the former Tyson food processing facility in Chicago. OSI already operated one Chicago area facility but the addition of this second location is much needed. OSI Industries leadership projects that the company will be able to double its food production in the Chicago area as a result of this valuable acquisition. OSI is known for its drive to constantly grow its brand and the addition of the second Chicago facility is certainly in line with recent company trends. OSI has grown into a global brand by making smart business moves at the right time. The company currently ranks as one of the top 100 food businesses in the United States of America.

The acquisition of the Tyson plant is not the only recent news out of OSI Industries in terms of facilities. The company recently infused €17 million into its facility in Toledo, Spain in order to make massive upgrades to the locations production line. OSI’s Spanish management team had been tracking the demand for processed chicken in recent years and noticed the trend that demand was increasing on average by 6% annually. The huge investment into the production line in Toledo has yielded amazing results as the facility is now processing twice the amount of chicken as it was in previous years. From a total of around 12,000 tons per year, the Toledo facility is now processing in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken per year.

OSI Industries recently celebrated the news of two big acquisitions in Europe. U.K. based Flagship Europe and the Netherlands based Baho Food have both become OSI Industries entities as of 2016. These two amazing wholesalers are great fits for OSI’s current strengths in processing and add amazing value to the OSI Industries portfolio. Company officials including President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald have expressed great excitement with this big move for the company.

OSI Industries was also recently honored for its efforts in Europe. In a day and age where it is ever more important that companies make the environmental sustainability of their operations a huge priority, OSI Industries has excelled. The company’s efforts in this regard where noticed by the British Safety Council who presented OSI Industries with its 2016 Globe of Honour Award.

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Bob Reina’s Road to Success

Talk Fusion, established during 2007 by CEO Bob Reina is a video marketing company. Video email was the flagship that it launched with. The global success of the company is lead by Reina’s passion, vision and leadership that comes from the two decades of experience in direct selling and marketing. Reina is committed to giving back through various methods.

Bob Reina’s Business Start and Talk Fusion Inspiration

Reina spent more than a decade as a policeman feeling limited by both income and time. He was determined to find a way to help people while taking control of his own life. He had a realization while being introduced to the industry of network marketing during an off duty job directing traffic. It made sense to Bob Reina instantly, he figured out that he could build the team and increase success.

While there were challenges the industry changed Bob Reina’s life. He repeatedly had to start over as companies he was involved with failed after he built successful teams. Touring a house located in North Carolina in 2004 Reina found his angle when attempting to send a video clip via email. He never doubted how he’d market the new product, he knew direct selling was best for Video Email.


When it comes to direct selling and Talk Fusion everyone benefits from each others achievements. Bob Reina’s success is dependant on other people succeeding. He actually gets paid to help other people make dreams come true.

How Long Did It Take Bob Reina to Make a Profit?

There were times when Bob Reina’s phone bill was higher than his commissions when he began in network marketing. He never gave up because he believes that you should work hard and not settle. It took time but Reina found a system the was easy to copy and success was easy from that point. Talk Fusion was an immediate success because it was the right time for a product that was needed.

Did He Ever Doubt Himself

Bob Reina is rarely deterred from his goal once he has seen the potential in an opportunity or product. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/






The Future Of OSI Industries

The foodservice industry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because it’s so highly needed. Without these valuable services, the world as we know it would definitely stop spinning to some degree. Food products stimulates the economy to the highest degree because everyone has to eat. One of the top contenders in professional food services is known as OSI Industries. This company has been around for over a century, and it was started by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski. Kolschowski’s dream was to own a successful meat processing company in which he most certainly did. As word began to spread about the meats, the orders began to roll-in. Otto & Sons was basically booming with activity, which caused it to grow at an alarming.

From meat processing to wholesale was the next chapter of business. Thanks to the company’s huge success, Otto & Sons expanded its services as well as expanded its products. The company finally changed its name to OSI Industries because it was definitely an enterprise in its own right. From Oak Park, Illinois, to Aurora, Illinois, was another new chapter as the company changed its headquarters’ location. As of today, OSI Industries cover the full spectrum of food services, which includes processing, management, distribution and development. In addition to that fine quality, the company is a custom food producer. This means that OSI can create unique foods per the clients’ instructions. With its abundance of test kitchens and pilot plants, clients from all around the globe has been able to benefit.

Pot roast, cheese, panini, pizza, fritters, Tofu, cooked sausage links, desserts, flatbread, hotdogs, onions, tomatoes, meatballs, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, steak, chicken nuggets, beef patties and many other foods are produced by this giant throughout the fiscal-year. OSI Industries has brought-in a new wave of food service excellence, and it will continue to thrive in the years to come.

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