Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Pumps it Up

For those who are curious about Wen Hair by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) cleansing conditioner and how it works on different types of hair, Bustle provides the answer. If you are on the fence about trying out Chaz Dean‘s cleansing conditioner on your fine hair, then the editor of the article has some very good news for you. She used the Sephora Fig version of cleansing conditioner on her own hair to see what would happen throughout the week. She experimented with washing and styling it at different times throughout the day. With pictures accounting for her results throughout the week, she could say confidently that there is a huge difference on the days that she was able to take the time to use Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her hair. Speaking of time, her hair care routine was also simplified because Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner take the place of so many other hair care products. This also translates to a significant cost savings in not having to buy so many different hair care products just to get the job done.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has been flying off the shelves since it was created more than two decades ago. When Chaz Dean set out to develop the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, he wanted to make a product that could make hair healthier and give it a salon quality appearance at the same time. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner comes from a line of related products that are available on Ebay.com, which work together to make hair smoother, fuller, shinier and healthier. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner can be used every time you shower to make hair look and feel amazing.

Brad Reifler Inspires the Common Investor

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, seeks to make investing available to the average person. An article by Reuters captures five of Reifler’s investment tips to the average person, assuming they are not familiar with the complexities of the stock market. Generally, Reifler recommends that the common person be very comfortable with the person who is investing their income and have a general understanding of where their money is being invested and why. He also cautions against investing all of your money in the stock market only.

After founding Pali Capital in 1995 and growing the company to revenues of a whopping $200 million annually, Reifler founded Forefront Management Group LLC. With his years of experience in investing and wealth management, Reifler now seeks to assist the average person in finding investment options that are suitable to their needs. Reifler says on Twitter that he found very few investment opportunities open to average investors and that the majority of the advice and opportunities for investment have traditionally been geared towards high net worth individuals.

As opposed to only serving individuals with a net worth that exceeds $1 million, Reifler now works to make investing possible for the common person with fewer assets to invest. Reifler told Reuters he understands that investing is even more risky for the average person than a wealthy, experienced investor because the average person has far more to lose in comparison. Reifler hopes to make investing possible for everyone through a public fund that pools the resources of average investors. Based on the benefit of compound returns, this public fund would have potential for significant returns for the average investor. Reifler is extremely motivated in turning high-yield investment opportunities into a reality for the general public and is leading his firm to be a visionary in that field.  Find further information on Brad’s CrunchBase.

Thor Halvorssen Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has garnered support from young people around the country, shocking many news outlets. These outlets are generally astonished at the fact that an avowed socialist is doing so well in the democratic primary. In order to explain the situation, media outlets have brought in experts like Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is an ardent supporter of human rights, and he currently leads the Human Rights Foundation. Fox News knew that he was typically against socialism, so they brought him on their show. They were in for a shock when he started the interview.
Thor stated that socialism leads to a violation of human rights, but he was supporting Bernie Sanders in the presidential race. He’s made a maximum donation to the Sanders campaign. He explained that while Sanders is a socialist, he is preferable to an authoritarian like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. He believes socialism sometimes helps the people when it is not used as a way to take away rights, but he has no confidence that Trump or Clinton will not abuse their power. His lack of confidence in the frontrunners has compelled him to endorse a socialist, even if he would rather not endorse one.

Halvorssen’s family is from Venezuela, so he is very familiar with socialism. Venezuela once thrived under democratic socialism. People received excellent public services, and most people were happy. Unfortunately, terrible dictators took control of the country. They used the socialist systems that were already in place to suppress any opposition and make themselves rich. Venezuela is a resource rich nation and unfortunately, most people have not benefited from Venezuela’s resources. Today, many people in Venezuela go hungry because of this abuse of power.

The Sanders revolution started as a way to spread socialist ideas, but people around the country should recognize that there are far worse options than an avowed socialist. The authoritarian candidates on both sides of the aisle are a major threat, and Thor Halvorssen is committed to stopping them. He will continue to speak out against the current trend, so he can prevent the United States from falling into the same fate as Venezuela.

William Skelley and iFunding Reflect Success

The “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” is definitely a prestigious group to belong to. William Skelley, the CEO of iFunding, has been named to this prestigious group. Being added to the group is fitting considering Skelley’s life’s work has reflected a commitment to being a truly innovative leader in the world of real estate.

One reason Skelley has been so successful is he made a smooth transition to new means of engaging in real estate work. He embraced real estate crowdfunding during its earliest days. Not everyone in a particular industry is willing to explore new approaches and business endeavors.

Venturing into new territory undermines the comfort zone some managers enjoy remaining firmly entrenched in. Skelley was willing to go far outside that comfort zone, and the decision was a wise one.

Skelley’s entire career in real estate is impressive. CNBC makes it clear iFunding is not the only success story in the book of William Kelley. He previous founded a boutique investment bank that was heavily involved with the real estate industry. His experiences at the investment bank opened the door to achieving great success at iFunding.

Skelley has told on Twitter that iFunding provides an ample investment opportunity for accredited investors willing to put a minimum of $5,000 in a crowdfunding project. The money then goes towards any number of different real estate ventures. Successful ventures could pay nice dividends for the investors who put up the funds.

Investors are not the only ones who benefit from the brilliant crowdfunding endeavors of iFunding. Developers rely on on investment capital to bring projects to fruition. The real estate industry keeps from being stagnant since infusions of capital and corresponding new projects have a stimulating effect.

Those looking to buy the finished real estate projects do benefit, too. They are able to purchase properties with equity potential. iFunding is currently headquartered in New York City, and its presence spans across the globe. Asia remains one of the emerging markets for iFunding, and the number of projects in Asia may increase tremendously. Currently, the number of projects in the United States are very impressive. iFunding and its CEO have both drawn much deserved attention, and his Facebook Q&As become increasingly popular.

Venezula Praying For Rain

Many people across the United States are singing that the rain rain go away and come back here another day. The people in Venezuela including Norka Luque are praying for rain, literally. The country’s biggest provider of the nation’s megawatt power demand hit an all time low earlier this week reaching a low it has never seen before, 243 meters of water.

Government officials are encouraging citizens not to panic but to simply be patient with the government as they seek to explore options on how to deal with the drought crisis. This issue is not new as the country has been seeing a decline after El-Nino.

The power and water cuts continues to impact the country as they also deal with a recession. The people in Venezula are trying not to lose hop but in the midst of such a historic drought many natives don’t know what to do. They continue to be encouraged to hang in there but citizens are now asking what exactly do they have to hold on to?




George Soros not involved in bankrolling John Kasich’s Campaign

George Soros is a man who has been involved in American politics for quite a while. He was not considered a large donor on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/ until 2004 presidential election where he donated $23,581,000 to various political groups. In September 2012, he gave $1 million to the super PAC that was backing President Obama reelection. Recently, George Soros contributed $8 million in 2015 to the organizations supporting Hilary Clinton as the Democratic candidate. The first contribution was $2 million to two organizations and then an extra $6 million to the leading group, super PAC. Refer to http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/hillary-clinton-george-soros-218494

George Soros supports the democratic legal fight against restrictive voting laws put into law by Republican-controlled state governments. Soros is a born Hungarian investor who was first involved in the American politics on marketwatch.com on a voter mobilization drive in 2004 presidential race. Soros has insisted on being “proud” of the legal battles against these unfair voting laws which often affect the most vulnerable people in the American society. Refer to http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/06/05/bankroller-of-democratic-voting-rights-cases-george-soros/

Almost all the political donations made by George Soros on http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/, organizations supporting Democratic Party, and its ideologies have been the beneficiary. The recent ad claiming that George Soros is bankrolling John Kasich’s super PAC are baseless and without any relevant objective except to deceive voters. The television ads have been running in the state of Wisconsin ahead of the primary on April 5.

It is important to note that campaign finance rules are public and also donors must be public. If Soros would have to donate to organizations supporting political parties, he doesn’t have to hide it. If George Soros on bloomberg is involved in manipulating the Kasich’s campaign to discourage the political ambitions of other people, the list of donors for Kasich’s campaign can shed the light on the issue.

As it stands, donations to New Day for America PAC appear to come from two individuals linked to Soros. Stanley Druckmiller was formerly involved in managing assets for Soros between 1988 and 2000. He recently gave $450,000 to New Day for America. However, Druckmiller has never appeared in Soros donor history. Druckmiller has supported the Republican candidates and the Republican National Committee.

Scott Bessent is a former investment officer for Soros Fund Management. He is now running his hedge fund company including $2 billion seed money from Soros. The records from the Campaign Finance Report shows that he contributed $2,700 to Kasich directly and $200,000 to New Day for America. The truth of the matter is that candidates cannot contact the PACs or their donors which are the reasons there is a broad separation between the candidates and the super PACs backing them.

There is no record in the Campaign Finance Report showing that he indeed contributed to Kasich or any organization supporting him. Soros cannot be construed to be supporting Kasich just because his former employees support Republican candidates. Therefore, the claims are baseless and false. Refer to http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/

Sam Tabar Helping Women Around the World

Sam Tabar has worked in a host of different positions. Ranging from a lawyer to financial services, all the way to working on the board of directors for a clothing label, designed to give back to the world around it. This is where Sam Tabar has found his calling and why he is doing everything in his power to help individuals, especially women, get past problems in their local communities in order to make themselves better individuals and to strive to do everything in their power to make their own local world a better place. There’s more about that on Sam’s About.me account.

For many women living in third world countries, it is very difficult for them to go to school or to receive proper, long term employment. This is because they are unable to afford proper female hygiene products that will assist during their periods. So, because they are unable to afford these kinds of products, they are forced to not go to school or work while on their periods. This can make it difficult to stay on top of schoolwork, retain the same kind of employment as men, and even if they do have employment, they miss out on several days of pay when they are forced to stay home. All of this is completely unfair and prevents women from doing anything the men can do, simply because of their body. So, what is it that can be done? Sam Tabar decided to team up with Kickstarter campaign in order to truly make a difference.

With the campaign, Sam and the group distribute reusable garments that can be washed and worn again. The products make it possible for women to still go to school and go to work, no matter what their body is doing. All of this makes it easier for a woman to receive a job as their employer will know they are able to come into work every day it is required. They will also be able to stay up on top of their school work and really any other issue they might have. This way, it is possible for everyone to do better and to have a better life.

This is something that is near and dear to Sam and just another example of why giving back to the world around you is important. It can make the lives better of people all around the world, even if you do not know them.  Follow him on Twitter to see more about Sam’s career.

Beneful’s Special Blends Of Premium Dog Food

What’s For Dinner For Your Dog?

Premium dog food is the best choice for your dog’s diet. The manufacturers that are responsible for premium dog foods have high standards for the foods that they are producing. If you really care about your dog’s quality of life, then you should purchase only the best foods for your dog. The reason that we choose to buy on Walmart, Beneful premium dog food instead of the other brands is because Beneful uses natural, real ingredients in their foods that dogs should have in their diets. Dogs should be eating things like real meat, chicken and beef. You should be feeding your dog Beneful premium dog food if you want your dog to have the right amount of energy.

Beneful makes their food in all kinds of flavors and varieties. There’s a dry food that Beneful makes that is made of real chicken. Then, there’s another one that is made of real beef. They even have one that is made of real salmon. They have different types of dry dog foods for different types of dogs as well. For instance, if you are trying to help your dog with losing a few pounds of weight, then you should try feeding your dog a version of Purinastore’s Beneful that is called Weight Management. They have another type that is meant to support a healthy, active lifestyle, in case your dog needs the extra energy to run and play. Both of those types are made with real chicken.

The reason that I am so excited about Beneful right now is because I just found an article from the Daily Herald that tells all about the things that these premium companies do in order to guarantee that they are producing a high quality of dog food. The article talks about the special safety precautions that premium dog food companies have in place, and a manufacturing chief actually tries the dog food for himself in the article. Did you know that dog foods from premium brands undergo taste tests? Here’s the article from the Daily Herald for your information.


Autism Rock: Towards a Healthy Life.


Autism Rock is the only organization in the world that deals with the campaign on globalcitizen.com to create awareness of the mental disorder. It focuses mainly to raise funds so as to support the only medical research in the world that aims to understand ways that can be used to prevent children in the future from suffering from the defect. It was started by a British-born philanthropist, Mr. Sanjay Shah. His generosity did not begin with the fight against autism, but he was known for supporting poor families in India through an international organization called the Plan International. Shah personally runs the charity, but the latest sunday times news shows that his longtime friend Pete will be managing and taking care of all logistics of the entity.
The charity was born when Sanjay found out that his son was suffering from the mental disorder. A child who suffers from autism shows poor social skills as well as the inability to communicate properly. Sanjay Shah started the entity so as to create awareness and also come up with a medical solution that will tackle the menace once and for all. He also donated three minibuses to the government funded autism center in Dubai while his son was receiving therapy. The foundation raises money by organizing charity shows where Sanjay invites his friends and clients. They even have a $100000 website autism.rock where all progress and event pictures are posted. In the website, there is also a secure SSL channel through which contributions can be made.
Sanjay Shah was born by Kenyan parents of Indian origin in England. He lived in central London and schooled in the Kings College. Sanjay enrolled for medicine before shifting to accounts where his career as a top-notch hedge fund manager started. He has worked for international investment banks like the Rabobank, Merrill Lynch, and many others. While he was working for Capiola Investment company, he was awarded a bonus of £19 million due to the effort and the profit that the company realized. He then started Solo Capital as his brokerage firm. Sanjay also owns many other firms that deal with natural resources, stock brokerage and are located in British Virgin Island, Malta and in The Cayman Islands.
Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital was started in 2011 and has its headquarters in London England. It is a top notch financial boutique that handles FX markets, sports investments and it is also a consultancy firm. The success of Solo Capital is backed up by the team of experts who relentlessly see to it that customer needs are satisfied. It also operates in the stock markets according to RegisterFCA as Solo Capital UK and as Solo Capital Limited. Sanjay is the CEO and founder of the company which is managed by A.e.s.a S.a.r.l a company that is owned by Sanjay.

Fabletics’ New Stores and Improved Website Design

Kate Hudson has a new line of super stylish activewear. She has previously inspired others as a successful mother and actress, and now hopes to inspire others with her new workout clothing line. With the fashionable and comfortable outfits, she hopes more women will develop healthy and active lives. She is personally involved in the process and each month’s picks are approved by Kate, herself.
The shop includes clothing designed specifically for yoga, running and general gym and workout. The tops and bottoms are broken down into categories of tanks, casual tops and sports bras, leggings, pants, capris and shorts. Kate also has an amazing line of various accessories. There is a pop-quiz that is a questionnaire designed to create the perfect look for each and every customer, created especially for their taste and unique lifestyle. The website makes it easy to either check out as a guest or as one of their VIP members. These members are entitled to extra savings and other exciting benefits.

Over the next five years, Fabletics hopes to open minimally 75 new stores while this spring brings the arrival of the seventh store for the brand.
This is a new model for the Fabletics brand which usually mails out discounted outfits monthly, charging a customer’s credit card for each purchase and delivery. Having brick-and-mortar stores will allow customers to try on the clothing instead of a surprise delivery. Some customers complained that while signing up for a delivery, they did not realize they were enlisting in a repeating subscription service. Customers also noted they found the service difficult to end.
The number of these type of customer complaints seem to be decreasing at a speedy rate. The cofounder and co-CEO of JustFab, the parent company of Fabletic, Adam Goldenberg, reports that the company is delivering approximately 800,000 items monthly. Of all those items they are receiving approximately five to 10 complaints. While Goldenberg acknowledges there are obviously far more satisfied customers than not, he would still like the complaint rate to be zero.
To increase customer satisfaction and understanding of the subscription service, JustFab is renovating the information available on its website. There is going to be a complete overhaul of the FAQ on the site, hopefully answering questions customers may have and fully explaining the service. The top of the webpage now has a clear link to explaining just how the Fabletics delivery service works. JustFab is improving their customer service for customers also. Goldenberg stresses he wants all customers and potential customers to completely understand the Fabletics program.

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